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  • I had been using the old paid version of Membership for 1 year, and when we updated WordPress to 3.5 the old version of Membership broke my site. So, it was necessary to get the new version of Membership, so I paid the $19 to update the plugin.

    When we updated the plugin, some settings were lost, and we found out that the negative page rules didn’t work (it was suggested in WPMUDev’s support forums that we just use positive rules instead). After much time, we had the settings in place, but the performance was still wonky, and some rules were not being enforced.

    After trying the several suggestions (pretty prompt replies) from WPMUDev, we gave up on Membership and decided to pay $69 for s2Member instead. We set it up super easily the first time, and it’s working great! Way easier to use than membership (it seems like the plugin owners pay attention to it more), and there are lots of Payment integration options of we decide to go that route in the future.

    So I asked WPMUDev for a refund, but sadly couldn’t get one. Not too big a deal, but a little annoying to lose $19 and hours of time because their old plugin broke when I updated to WordPress 3.5. Oh well!

    Here is WPMU Dev’s response about a refund:

    Thanks for getting back in touch.

    WPMU DEV offer a support and updates guarantee, this isn’t however a 30 day or satisfaction guarantee to download and trial our plugins and themes as noted clearly form our Our Upgrade and Support Guarantee and our Terms Of Service:

    WPMU DEV Terms of Service

    As with many companies like Amazon, Wallmart, Paypal and eBay no refunds are offered on digital downloads, software and services. This is to counter software piracy and theft which is a serious matter.

    Paypal currently process all of our transactions, as you can see from their terms of service no refunds are given for digital items and services:

    Items purchased:

    Items are eligible unless they are excluded below:

    Real estate, motor vehicles, capital equipment, travel tickets, and events tickets
    Intangible items
    Items purchased using PayPal Payments Pro or Virtual Terminal
    You may not file a dispute for a Personal Payment
    Of course we would love to work with you on any issues you have in using our products and services. A support ticket can be opened here:

    Kindest Regards.


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  • ellleni


    oh god… I should just ignore them… they ate so much of my time and discouraged me awfully… The answers to the threads were almost like playing me around…

    its not the $19, its the services they promise and dont provide.
    A guy just marked my thread as resolved!!! just by deciding so and leaving my issue unresolved!

    I had a similar issue with WPMU and I got a refund via PayPal as the “product”, whether virtual or not, simply didn’t work.

    I think the term that is most often used is, was the product “significantly not as described” (Yup!). PayPal will also ask if you contacted the vendor for a refund and were refused (Yup!).

    No one should be held hostage to crap merchandise whether digital or not. A product is a product, is a product.

    I’ve used this method on a number of occasions with crap WP themes from ThemeForest. And no, I won’t ever use the themes I “returned”. Why would I? They sucked.

    Hi Mollie,

    Thanks for the tip! I just opened a dispute. Here’s to hoping. It’s not even the $19.00, it’s the whole hassle of it, the product not being as described, and their refusal to be sympathetic to the major issues I faced, and the product not working as described. It felt like they thought it was my fault, or my particular setup that wasn’t working, when this was not the case at all, and I followed all of their suggestions to no avail.

    I hate going through Paypal to get a refund because Paypal is evil, and they’re the last arbiter I want in a dispute really, but hey, maybe it’ll work, and hopefully prompt WPMU to do a little bit better job of service. Even when I had plugins that worked, I was unimpressed with their level of service.

    S2Member, on the other hand, has had remarkable service. The setup of the plugin was difficult, and the plugin in general was only OK for my needs, but we got it working with attentive help and a well-maintained plugin, and I’d recommmend S2Member on the basis of that alone. I think WPMU has too many plugins going that they don’t care for with full attention.

    Thanks again, Mollie!


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