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  • Just to inform anyone interested in this Plugin, there is a new Version in the works which runs with recent Versions of WordPress/PHP.
    See the related Story (incl. Download Link) at hoernerfranzracing .

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  • This plugin is totally free? Thinking about to add it to a WordPress Theme (plugin activate by install or putting it directly in the theme) with the event list (agenda) enabled.

    At the moment there is a bug when using [show-ics-events]:
    BgColNoch ein Termin”
    I think this “BgCol” does not belong here (downloaded your current version today).

    EDIT: Ah okay found it, “ics-functions.php” on line 68, you want to add color fields in the backend.

    Anyway this looks very promising because it is simple yet powerful.

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    yes, this plugin is free, License GPLv3 – see file readme.txt.
    but no, bundling it with a theme is not a good idea, as zipped theme files are extracted to wp-content/themes, plugin files to wp-content/plugins by wordpress installer.
    also, activating themes is a different action from activating plugins (which would both be necessary, anyway).
    there is also an updated version out there, which, apart from fixing the BgCol issue 😀 – has some more improvements, and a new, hidden feature: Month-specific calendar Pictures, see my own Calendar.

    Hi Hoerner,
    great news. I think I will take this plugin and try to add some more stuff. Tested it a little bit and it seems to work very fine!

    Btw. you can activate plugins at theme activation with TGMPA ( I always do this with “Nested Pages” (better pages overview in dashboard) and “Save SVG” (upload SVGs in WordPress) which are essential for me. You can also create pages at plugin activation with this – in case you need a “home” page or whatever.

    Ok, thanks for the TGMPA proposal – didn’t know this, so far.
    And yes, of course you are free to add to/modify the ICS Calendar Plugin.
    Would be nice to post here when you have something new to check out…
    In general, I would have preferred if the original Author could have been reached and agreed to hand over maintainership.
    But as this does not seem to work out, I’ll just keep my own version alive on my website – I’m not intending to create a fork, nor ask the WP Plugin admins to transfer maintainership (which would be a rather tedious process, anyway).

    Hi Hoerner,
    but maybe put it on github?

    well, that would be another option, right.
    but, ATM, there is always the direct download link on my own website, which I think can be found by people searching for ‘wordpress ics calendar’ (leading to this old WP Plugin, then read support forum..).
    anyways, I’ll have a look at how to publish something on github…

    Hi Hoerner,
    github is very easy and free. People can collaborate to a project if they like it – take a look 😉 . If you prefer a UI you can use (I use it).

    ok, here is the Github Link 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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