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  • Hello,

    there is problem with that plugin and firefox browser. Even if You disable adblock plus plugin in firefox on particular website, it shows the same message like ad block plus is running. Can You please fix that somehow? Thanks

    Hi! I have the same problem. Working fine on Chrome but not in Firefox. Even if you disable Adblock Plus it still shows the message.
    Is it possible to fix it?

    Many thanks!

    I think the problem is this: When I disable the AdBlock Plus only for the website I am interested the message still apears. When I disable AdBlock globaly there’s no problem.
    All of this in Firefox

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    I’m working on, but I think the problem is Adblock for firefox that does not disable single page. If you disable the plugin then my plugin is ok.

    No problem on Chrome

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    Updated to version 1.2. I hope I have fixed the bug with firefox and I added option to set operating time (this was the problem and depends on how many scripts you have to charge).

    I update it to 1.2, now I think it is ok on firefox, but now background on my website is gone as well as wordpress admin bar.

    When I disable plugin background and admin bar comes back.

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    It is not the plugin. It does not interfere with the administration panel.

    Go to your profile and check:

    Show Toolbar when viewing site.

    I hope ok now!

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    If you like and appreciate the help you have, you may also vote for it and check that it works. Thanks

    For some reason on firefox background is gone when I turn on plugin, on chrome it is ok, don’t know why that happens.

    Also, as I said, admin bar goes away (when you are looking frontpage of website), on backend admin bar is still there.

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    I’m sorry, but I have not reflected in any of the websites where I installed the plugin.

    Try disable the other plugin ….

    Try to delete my plugin and reinstall it

    I can tell you that my plugin does not interfere with the site because it does not prevent any loading and control it does in the cache.

    Hm, I don’t understand, before this update it was working normally, I tried to delete plugin and install it again, same thing happens.

    On chorme it is good, but on firefox, as I wrote, on frontpage background of website is gone and admin bar, if I disable plugin, background and admin bar comes back.

    Is there way to install older version of plugin?

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    Very strange, I do not understand. I have not changed anything that interferes with wordpress.

    Jump to page: Developers, you can find them all versions.

    I installed version 1.1, and everything is ok (background and admin bar on homepage are there), except that message to disable adbock pops up on firefox even when adblock is disabled on website.

    Then I updated to version 1.2, but again, message doesn’t pop up like in version 1.1, but background and admin bar on homepage are gone.

    Don’t understand…

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    Update to version 1.3. Made some changes to the css and a few other things.
    Appearance 🙂 Your news ….

    Aggiornamento alla versione 1.3. Fatto qualche modifica al css e poche altre cose.
    Aspetto 🙂 Tue notizie….

    I tried to update, to me it is same thing 🙁

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