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    I’m Extremely surprised to see your post, and I think you may actually even be mistaken the plugin. This plugin hasn’t had any major changes that would affect behaviour as you’ve described it.

    Please allow me to elaborate;
    1/2) The plugin never had any ‘per product’ free shipping options. It has and still is only free shipping on the entire order. Unfortunately it is not possible for this plugin to know how to calculate the shipping cost (and thus allow free for some products) for the rest that isn’t free. I wrote more about that here:

    If you could take a look at the changelog, you’ll see that the last update of the code was 2 months ago:
    Nothing even really noticeable changed in that version or the ones before.

    I’d be happy to assist you in any way I can, but from what I can tell there’s either a mixup in plugins, or maybe another element has changed behaviour on your site that is causing unexpected behaviour (also happy to try and figure out what this is with you).

    For that I’d like to ask you to post a support thread with the information of how you setup things, how things used to work and how they’re working now (please include a list of used plugins).

    PS. if needed you can always downgrade for a moment while we figure this out (download previous versions from the bottom of this page:

    Jeroen Sormani

    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani


    @3rdeyeball I’d appreciate if you could reply here. Giving a – in my eyes – very unjustified negative rating without any support topics created is bad practice for the entire community.
    It is very demoralising to see something like this happen, especially for the plugin authors that really do their best to provide awesome plugins and support for free here on

    Again, I’m more then happy to assist you if you encountered any changes as you described them, just would need to get a conversation started.


    Hello Jeroen, I appreciate your commitment to supporting your product and the offer to help resolve the issue. I was enjoying the per product free shipping functionality up until a recent update. Even using your snippet to split up shipping packages using shipping classes the packages are not organized correctly. I am using both the official Woocommerce UPS and USPS API-powered plugins and simply want to offer free shipping for specific products without applying free shipping to the entire order.

    I will retract my review and hope that a suitable solution exists as even the multiple packages option is too complex and confusing for most users. As we know users do not like to have to do so much work and this kind of system also impacts the ability to use One-Click-Check-Out when multiple shipping options must be selected..

    Thank you very much for your commitment to this community.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani



    Thank you for the reply.

    Could you explain how you’ve setup things before?
    Setting up free shipping per product is a bit tricky, especially since this plugin doesn’t know on its own how the cost is/should be determined for the other products.

    Having a split package in my eyes is the most elegant solution, showing the customer which products are paid shipping and which are free (if this is of course what you want, some cases it shouldn’t be visible for the customer).

    To split the cart there are two ways:
    1) Through code snippets, which can be a bit tricky.
    2) There are also plugins to assist with that, I believe both free and paid (this one is mine which works with similar conditions: Advanced Shipping Packages, paid)

    Using that plugin you should be able to setup two packages, one for the free shipping product and the other for paid shipping products. The plugin has a feature to exclude shipping rates from packages, allowing you to exclude the free shipping option from the paid shipping package; this would be a requirement since this plugin is based on the cart contents instead of the package contents.

    In practice this means that if you setup a ‘Contains shipping class – equal – free shipping’ condition for example, it will match for both packages and show the rate inside both packages since this plugin does per-cart checks instead of per-package (I’m specifically mentioning this since I also have another plugin that does check per-package; Advanced Shipping, this btw has always been the same for this plugin from the start)

    The other route you can go is use the above linked Advanced Shipping plugin to setup a free shipping option for packages that contain the ‘Free shipping’ shipping class. This removes the need for the Advanced Shipping Packages plugin specifically.

    If I know how you set things up / how it worked before I may be able to advise accordingly to your scenario.

    PS. using the ‘hide other rates when free is available’ option should remove the extra work you mentioned (which I assume you mean is choosing a shipping rate per package) and only show the free option when available.

    Let me know!

    such a stupid Idea from my client – and my brain doesn´t see this Cart problem 😀

    Thanks for your help

    Thanks Jeroen, I just purchased your premium plugin and will proceed with the steps to enable the functionality I require. If I need assistance I’ll contact you.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Sormani


    Sounds good, let me know how things work out!

    – Jeroen

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