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  • Yup! I had to deactivate the plugin as it was stopping essential JS files from loading. I was using LeafletJS to load maps and it wouldn’t load as it just didn’t load the leaflet.js file.

    It worked while logged in but not in the frontend.

    Needs a fix. Seriously.

    This is about to destory my day, 28 sites updated before we noticed that any conflicts prevent users logging in via /wp-login.php

    The issue is caused by the new “feature”:
    > Add: Minimize the impact of third-party code.

    It defers JS scripts from loading and appears to be prefilled with a long list of scripts.

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    First of all sorry for the inconvenience that you faced

    Actually, most of the plugin/theme tags may conflict with tags used in the “Delay Inline JS script”. You can simply remove the tag list from the “Delay Inline JS script”.

    OK.. deleting everything from the list makes it work. But what was the point of this feature then?

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    Right, it also works on my side now. I am also working with the flying scripts plugin, that already do this feature for me



    This is also breaking the PixelYourSite plugin and a number of other WP plugins.

    Can I strongly suggest that the “Delay Inline JS script” is switched off by default in the next update. You should be able to toggle it on and then use Breeze defaults… but this is going to break most WP sites so needs a fix ASAP.

    A caching plugin like this shouldn’t be breaking existing functionality when updating to the latest version.

    Actually, most of the plugin/theme tags may conflict with tags used in the “Delay Inline JS script”. You can simply remove the tag list from the “Delay Inline JS script”.

    Why are they automatically added if they will conflict with most plugins/themes???

    I don’t want these added, but they just appear when we update the plugin and then everything breaks.

    I had similar problems with Astra Theme and WooCommerce and deleting all the scripts in the “Delay JS inline scripts” fixed it. Here is my issue for reference.

    In my case the Mobile Toggle menu was not working on WooCommerce pages (shop and products), but it was ok on homepage or contact pages (non-woocommerce). The console shows errors of functions not defined, functions that based on the name where related to the mobile toggle button.

    I looked everywhere and it wasn’t until I was playing around with cache taht I decided to deactivate Breeze. This fixed the issue. Then I found this thread and deleted everything in the “Delay JS inline scripts” section even though my script or Astra scripts were not there. That fixed it.

    My setup is Cloudways hosting. Breeze and Cloudflare plugins.



    Can confirm: removing everything from “Delay JS inline scripts” resolved my problem with my external js file being removed and breaking functionality. Even though I can’t see anything in that list that I cleared that’s related to my script…



    We’ve also rolled back to 1.1.11 on all our sites due to *serious* issues like WooCommerce checkout not working, form submissions not getting to our email marketing software, etc.

    Nice to know its related to the “Delay JS inline scripts” feature…but I’m afraid I’ll skip this version. 🙁



    I confirm the very same error. I use Divi, and all JS were broken, with error on the console. When deleted all entries on “Delay JS inline scripts”, everything went back to normal.

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    Kindly update the Breeze 1.2.1. In the current version, there is an option to add to Enable/Disable the “Delay inline js script”. in the current version there is no need to remove all tags. If there is any conflict occur so disable the option to resolve it.

    Thanks @adeelkhan ,

    I have updated to 1.2.1 and disabled the Delay inline JS Script. It works as it should but I think more explanation and work needs to go into delaying these JS scripts.

    Plugin Author adeelkhan


    Thanks for your suggestion. We have attached the link of our article under the option “Delay JS inline scripts” which covers the explanation of it. I have also pasted the link please have a look
    Still is there any confusion so kindly share it.

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