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  • I launched my WordPress site with a soft-launch open to the public for the first time today at

    I got a bunch of new Users signing up. Heck, I don’t even know what I’m going to do with sign-ups. What can they do? Should I press the “promote” button to give them all Permission 1, or leave them on the default (0 permission level)?

    If I have “must register to comment” checked, will they be able to post a comment immediately after registering or only if I press “promote”?

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  • If they must register to comment, and they register, they can make comments. User level 0 doesn’t allow much.

    If you want to add another step of protection, check the ‘moderate comments’ and ‘allow users who have an approved comment to comment directly’ or whatever that says.

    User Level 1 allows users to write their own posts

    For some more reading, check User Levels

    Thanks, Jalenack. I had read the Codex article but I needed a re-read now that I have seen it in-action.

      Useful info from the Codex:
      “When a user with a User Level 1 is demoted, that user is moved from the Authors section down to the Registered Users section.

      Below the Authors section is the Registered Users section. All the users listed in the Registered Users section are User Level 0. Visitors to a blog that choose to register are automatically assigned User Level 0. Each user listed in this section has a Promote choice under the Level column. When Registered Users are Promoted, their User Levels are increased to User Level 1; and, they are moved up to the Authors section. Also, only User Level 0 users can be deleted.”

    So, I guess, if I want to acknowledge the new registered people (i.e. say “Thanks for signing up!”), should I email them (emails shown)?

    Or did WordPress automatically confirm/acknowledge their registration to the Users?

    WordPress requires users to confirm their registration via email. They receive a confirmation email saying “click here to confirm bla bla” … I’m sure if you wanted you could add a special welcome message by hacking a little.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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