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  • I am also experiencing this issue. RvdM you beet me to the post!

    me too New users email not sending password

    I have same problem.

    and forgot password message cant be changed. Im mail i have original message only. Ive changed it al ready

    Here’s a hack fix.

    Edit the plugin file sb_welcome_email_editor.php

    $admin_message = str_replace(‘[plaintext_password]’, $plaintext_pass, $admin_message);
    change to
    $admin_message = str_replace(‘[plaintext_password]’, $_POST[‘pass1’], $admin_message);

    $user_message = str_replace(‘[plaintext_password]’, $plaintext_pass, $user_message);
    Change to
    $user_message = str_replace(‘[plaintext_password]’, $_POST[‘pass1’], $user_message);

    That will put the proper text in there.

    Thread Starter RvdM


    Thanks! This did solve my issues!

    Doesn’t work for me. Just comes up blank every time.

    TIEro, Are you using plaintext_password in your template or user_password?

    @danbodenstein: tried it with both, same result!

    My registration is customised (to include a country and captcha), so that might affect parameter passing, though I would expect $_POST params to work regardless.

    try changing pass1 to pass1_text
    The other thing you could do is show all the post values in the admin email.

    foreach($_POST as $k => $v) {
    $admin_message .= “key:” . $k . ” = ” . $v . “

    That will show all the $_POST values and you can see where the password is stored in your modified version

    I’ve try your tips but I’ve already the problem. Help me please!!!

    Doesn’t work for me either.

    I am using the ReCaptcha plugin. The $_POST does not contain the user password. It just contains these keys:

    key:user_login = <snip>
    key:user_email = <snip>
    key:g-recaptcha-response = <snip>
    key:redirect_to =
    key:wp-submit = <snip>

    ALso the forgot password email doesn’t work for me.
    Help us!!!

    It does not work for me as well 🙁

    this is a big issue for the sites that I manage.

    Any chance we can get an official update any time soon?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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