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  • Hey all!

    I searched around for this and couldn’t find any answer to my problem.

    My WordPress Multisite instalation (an upgrade from an originally created WordPressMU 2.9.2) has been bugging me with user creation. This network is for a closed group of sites (not an open to public registration). The users are created by me (the superadmin) and asigned their specific site in the network (or more than one).
    To create a user, I only have the option of adding his username and email address – WordPress is supposed to email the new user their login information. The problem is that email never arrives to the user – and even if they try to do a password recovery via “Lost Password?”, they never get the email.
    I tried using an email address outside of that domain and it worked… To rule out being a googleApps email problem, I tried emailing between 2 accounts on that domain and there was no problems, the emails arrived perfectly.

    Could this be a WPMS or server problem?

    The website is hosted on MediaTemple(gs). The domain MX entries are pointing to GoogleApps.

    Any light you can shed on this is much appreciated!
    Thank you for the help!

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    If you;re sure the server is sending mail (and it looks like it is) you may need to do a reverse DNS entry. A lot of hosts check for this and ditch any mail without one as it could be spam.

    Because really, it’s the server sending the mail not google apps.

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