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  • Hi everyone, I’m a novice user and everything has been fine on my website for a year or so until recently I notice that new users do not get any emails containing passwords. Also if I add a new user and send him his password then nothing gets sent.

    Things I’VE TRIED
    – I’ve turned off all plugins and it still won’t won’t send passwords.
    – I been having heavy DOS attacks and had to lock down the site. Could my provider have done something? I am with 1&1.
    – Been upgrading WP as soon as it come out the whole year.
    – My forum does send email updated when I post.
    – The emails address I’m using for the TEST ACCOUNTS and for the MAIN SITE do receive emails (all forwarded to my gmail).
    – I’ve read a lot on the internet but much of what is discussed is above me?

    Please help as my site is in limbo till this is resolved.

    I’m not very advanced at WordPress so any answer above numpty level is going to met with another question?

    I read this thread with interest – OK, my hosting provider finally admitted it was a PHP problem on THEIR end, and they finally fixed it. Situation resolved.

    Could it be the same answer?

    Many Thanks in advance. Alex

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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