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  1. berteh
    Posted 6 years ago #


    When users click on "register" in a child blog of my Network, they in fact get registered as subscribers to the main blog... if they want no blog on their own.

    How can they be registered to that child blog instead of the main one (which makes sense because they clicked 'register' in the child and not main blog)

    (this topic is somehow related to http://wordpress.org/support/topic/418945?replies=5#post-1591207)


  2. berteh
    Posted 6 years ago #

    up: any idea how to enable registration to network (child) blogs?

  3. DRobertshaw
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Did you get any solution to this? I was looking for the same thing.

    The scenario as I see it is this:

    WP3 installed at http://example.com and this is where super admin creates and admins the sub-sites of:


    I have no plans for users to be able to create their own blogs, just to have a network of independent blogs controlled by super admin at http://example.com

    A user visits and wants to join or comment on http://site1.example.com and has no knowledge of, or care for, the main site http://example.com or any of the other sites http://site2.example.com or http://site3.example.com

    However, as it currently works, the user is signed up to http://example.com and redirected to http://example.com from the sign-up and login process/emails and doesn't have any logical way to http://site1.example.com where they came from.

    Ideally when they sign up to http://site1.example.com to add a comment or generally participate as a user, they are added as a subscriber to http://site1.example.com and redirected there after sign-up.

    I guess it wouldn't be a great problem if they were signed up generally to http://example.com as a subscriber as long as I could automatically redirect them to http://site1.example.com and have this site recorded in their signup and welcome emails and they were redirected to http://site1.example.com after logging in.

    That would also mean I could contact all users on the http://example.com network in case there was another site within the network they were interested in.

    Anyone any ideas?

  4. brunobaer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, I have the same problem. Creating a testuser and trying to register him on http://www.example.com/site1, I fall back to registration site http://www.example.com, so he can only be registered here. The subscriber is never re-directed to the page he came from.

    Now, this does not make sense for a multisite system?

    Checking on this testuser in my admin-dashboard I found out that he has never been given a role in this child blog "No role for this site". As soon as I define a role, e.g. subscriber, the testuser can see the child blog in his dashboard, and is also redirected to it when signing in.
    So this is what I actually want, but automatically and not through admin as I cannot sit in front of my computer 24hrs a day defining rights.
    On top of that as an admin I do not see where the newly registered user has originally come from.

    I cannot believe that this is how it works with such an elaborated software, so there must be a trick. Any ideas?

  5. Yeah, this is the default behaviour. If one of the blog admins adds a user from *their* backend, they will get added to the network and also added to the blog itself.

    Works just like it does at wordpress.com.

    Plugins that may help:

  6. brunobaer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I tried your second recommended link multisite-user-management. It works!
    Thanks a lot! You saved me time and energy.

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