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  • I’m a new administrator for a wordpress hosted site I’m fairly new to wordpress and the other other administrators wouldn’t know a lot either – having ‘inherited’ the site.

    I found 4 users recently created as ‘subscribers’ – but cannot find how this is happening – they aren’t newsletter subscribers and don’t appear to be created via the forum – the site has no obvious ‘login/signup’ page either. The email addresses suggest people that would have no obvious interest in the site (we’re an Irish charity – the email addresses are .pl)

    The email addresses aren’t familiar to anyone who has worked on the site.

    Any ideas? Could our site be getting hacked?

    Can someone offer advice because I can’t see how someone could create users on our site without some kind of access?

    I do see the feedburner widget in the primary widget area, but as far as I can tell (and as I say I’m coming to this site without too much information as the people who originally set it up are ‘long gone’ I think) the sidebar is being overridden by a template – we have a ‘subscribe’ box – but this a mailchimp newsletter.

    To be safe I’ve changed the admin passwords and deleted the new users.

    the site in question is

    I’m most concerned about the fact people are able to create users and I don’t know how!

    Many thanks!

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  • Any ideas? Could our site be getting hacked?

    Highly unlikely. The wp-register.php file is probably being accessed directly. Ensure that “Anyone can register” is unchecked in Settings > General

    Many thanks Esmi, I’ve done that and I’ll keep an eye on it.

    Best wishes,

    I have this same issue. My “anyone can register” is checked. How did they register? Is it ok for them to register? Do they get email notifications of my emails (are they the same as followers?)


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