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    Using WP3.5.1 and BuddyPress 1.6.4, new users are able to register, activate their accounts and navigate to other sections of the site. They are not limited to their profiles.

    Also, nothing shows up in the “Member Request” queue. A notification pops up on the Dashboard, but when you click on it to go to the Member Request page, it’s empty.

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  • There’s a checkbox on the settings page for this plugin.
    “Moderate users”.
    You should use that.

    I tried that.

    I’ve moved on to another solution now, so I probably won’t have time to test anything else. Thanks!

    I have this problem too. @mloffer, what solution did you move on to? I’m curious, since I have urgent need for this to work.

    Users get their activation email, log in, and can then post in their ‘what’s new’ box at the top of their profile, which the shows up in the site-wide activity stream. I want users to basically not exist on the site unless they have been approved.

    And yes, I have ‘moderate users’ enabled.

    The “solution” mostly lies in the fact that I got lucky. The parameters of the project changed so that it’s not a moderated system anymore. I’m now using the “Invite Anyone” plugin to allow users to invite friends. There’s an option there that allows account activation via invites even if registration is disabled.

    Not as good as allowing anyone to register and moderating those requests, but seems to be the best compromise until this plugin gets rewritten for the newest versions of WP & BP.

    ah, well lucky you. 🙂

    Here’s hoping the plugin author is able to get this working again on the latest BP & WP, since it’s embarrassing having viagra ads and other nonsense show up live to the site’s activity feed if my client is a little slow banning a fake user.

    Hmmm… sounds like there’s a bug. :S
    I’ll look into it.

    In the meantime, one way to reduce your SPAM registrations, is to move the location of your register page. For me this stopped about 80%.

    /* add this to wp-config.php */
    define( 'BP_REGISTER_SLUG', 'register' ); // use something other than register

    Any update on this??? @jibbius?

    I just moved the register page – thanks for that suggestion – so hopefully that will help a bit… but bogus new users are coming fast and furious and posting all sorts of junk on the site. This plugin used to stop that! 🙂

    I have not updated to 4.0 of this plugin and was hoping to not have to since that strips out a core feature we are using (join groups at registration). But if there’s a way to upgrade to 4.0+ and get new account moderation working again, and add back the join-groups-at-registration features through another plugin or whatever, I would love suggestions.

    RIght now I’m at WP 3.5.1, BP 1.6.4, and BP Registration Options 3.0.3

    Sorry mate, I think the developer on this whole plugin has gone.
    A rewrite of this plugin is on my list… but its getting to be a long list.

    What user role is configured as your default user role?
    I’d set this to subscriber, or something very low… so that new users cant automatically write new posts. If subsrciber is not strict enough, download a ‘roles’ plugin that lets you add a new role that is very strict. make it your default role. It’s added effort, but if real users signup, you then just need to set them to the appropriate role.

    See if you can add an anti-spam to the form.
    These arent always effective, but maybe it will stop some.

    If you have IP addresses that constantly hit you with SPAM, then block them via the htaccess file.

    Hope these suggestions help.


    I’ve had some success with SI Captcha plugin.
    Enable the Register page.
    Enable the ‘Honeypot for Spambots’ feature

    *Sigh*, its frustrating, I know!

    Good suggestions, thanks!

    Our default role had been “contributor” but I just saw that it was set to “member” so I made it “contributor” again… not sure which is more strict but the biggest issues were while it was set to “member” recently.

    I will check out the SI Captcha plugin, thanks!

    One part of the solution would be to use a plugin like S2Member to restrict access to the BuddyPress pages of your site for new users (will require you to manually “upgrade” new users to a higher level where they can access that content). Will stop bots from posting on your site.

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Creating GitHub issue to help make sure this is happening.

    Seems I’m having the same issue only after updating to the 4.1 version of the plugin. 4.0 worked fine. Moderate members is indeed checked in wp-admin as well, and yet users are able to register and immediately login without approval.

    It is possible to download the version 4.0 plugin any longer? I’d much prefer to just reinstall that than troubleshoot this as I’ve committed to a launch date of August 2nd!

    nevermind! was able to find the 4.0 plugin and reinstalled it 😉

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