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    I have received to emails from wordpress that read “New user registration on your blog *name*” with an email and some name or letters. My blog does not require any registration so what does this mean? I see that they have registered as subscribers, but to what? They are not in the feedburner email list either. Is this a security breach? Should i delete them?



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  • It’s not a security breach. In fact, this could be a Good Thing(tm).

    If you check Admin/Settings/General, under Membership you should see that the box entitled “Anyone can register” is ticked and that the “New User Default Role” is set to “Subscriber”. These are the standard settings for any WP blog/site.

    Users with the role of Subscriber can’t actually “do” anything on the
    site but some sites will sometimes offer special, subscriber-only,
    content. So someone liked your site so much that he wanted to make sure that, if there were any “specials”, he’d be able to access them. That’s why this is a Good Thing.

    Don’t feel obliged to now offer subscriber-only specials. Many blogs
    don’t bother and people still subscribe as a way of indicating that
    they’re a fan of the blog and will probably be reading it regularly.
    Build up a reasonable list of subscribers and you might want to look at emailing them when you’ve added a particularly good new post (there are plugins for this) or giving them a sneak preview of something that won’t be on public display for a few weeks.

    All in all, a good sign. Hopefully you’ll start getting a lot more of
    these. 🙂

    What does it mean that they registered? I got the email, but can’t find any place on my wordpress site that they could have registered from. Does it mean they subscribed to RSS?

    No – they registered on your blog – possibly by accessing the registration link directly.

    So, I have been getting a ton of these user registrations for a relatively inactive blog. Most of them are gmail addresses or addresses ending in .ru They seem bogus to me, and I do have my default set to subscribe. Are they just testing?

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    They’re just spam bots hoping that registering will allow them to post comments or actually publish posts. Try this plugin:

    If you need more protection, add a CAPTCHA:

    I have noticed that if a new subscriber register in my blog, he does not receives any email with a logon code.
    Note that in Admin/Settings/General, under Membership i have set that every one can subscribe.

    Is this a bug, or a setting?

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    glgeorgiou, try this plugin:

    If that doesn’t work for you, please start your own topic, and please don’t hijack unrelated topics.

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