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  • Ok, I want to set my WP site up so that users can register and post comments underneath posts.

    I got as far as finding the checkbox for “anyone can register” and I set it so that the new user default is “Subscriber.”

    I did a test as myself and “registered” as a new user with a separate email just to see what would happen. Everything worked fine, it sent me a password and I logged in with my new test ID. Much to my surprise, the login takes you to a highly reduced version of the WP admin panel. The only thing you can see is the Dashboard and you can’t edit anything other than profile information.

    My question to you would be is there a way to make it so on login for a specified user category, say subscriber, is there a way to redirect the login directly back to the main web site? Seems weird that they can still see the dashboard (i.e. how many posts, comments, etc. that there are). Or at least is there a way to customize so they can just edit their profile information.

    Basically how can I customize the process for a new user as for as controlling what they can and can’t see? – (I have disabled new user registration until I solve this issue though)

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  • Edit your wp-login.php file and find:
    $redirect_to = admin_url();
    you can replace it with
    $redirect_to = get_option('siteurl');
    Which should take your user back to the front page while being logged in.

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