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  • Hey guys,

    I have shopperpress theme installed on one of my WP installs so as to allow for a shopping cart style blog. It’s all working great, except when I create a new user only the website admin recieves an email containing the Username and Email.. and NO email is sent to the newly registered user containing their Username and Password

    When I then go to the ‘reset password’ area and type in the new username (or email), the reset password confirmation email is sent to the new user, and when i click on the confirm new password URL another email is sent through, but again this contains NO password.. What is going wrong in the email sending that means it doesnt include the password??

    When I log in as the admin i can see the new user account sitting there with the correct email address, and checking the SQL database reveals that some password HAS been set for the user.. just no email is being sent..

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  • Nevermind,

    In order to get around the problem I installed the Register Plus plug-in that allows users to set their own passwords. However, it still does not send new users their account details…

    bit frustrating but at least its useable now

    I have exactly the same problem with 3.0.1 : only admin recieve email for a new registration. It means users can’t self register 🙁

    Is there any known issues?

    That’s exactly the issue I am having with WP 3.0.1 and Godaddy hosting. At first emails were being sent, then I added Network and somewhere around that it stopped working. Only the forgotten password email gets sent. Switching off plugins and network didn’t help.

    @haxxxton I am using register plus as well you can customize the email in register plus settings.

    My apologies for being unknowing…I am barely sufficiently computer literate to upload to my blog….

    The problem I am having is that I am receiving an e-mail notification, presumably as the administrator, that I have posted, but none of my subscribers are receiving a notification….

    Any ideas on what I have set-up incorrectly…?

    I would check with your host and if there is anything blocking emails

    Thanks for the idea…I’ll do that and see what happens…

    I am getting similar symptoms. WP 3.0.1, all plugins deactivated, testing on localhost.

    I try to register someone at http://localhost/my-site/wp-login.php?action=register . The new user gets saved and I get an admin email, but no email is sent to the email I registered with.

    Update: emails were getting sent, but if I used an email address from my personal domain, they weren’t getting through. Turns out my host doesn’t like emails from WordPress@localhost.local.

    I get this issue even using hotmail as the provider.. The register plus solution is working for me fine though and the clients happy.. Won’t rock the boat.. Thanks for all the replies

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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