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  • What does it mean when I get an email saying ‘new user registration’ and a screen name with their email.

    In the past week I have gotten four and in the past never one. Has someone hacked in some where? How do I know these users are not spammers?

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    Are you asking visitors to your blog to register?

    my url is the following:

    I have since put up a no registration plugin but in the past week four people registered on my site and prior to that not a one for over a year….I don’t know why and I am afraid they are trying to hack into it…especially when one of the names is pornhub…

    You can turn off registrations within WordPress itself, no need for a plugin.

    1. Click Settings then General in WordPress Dashboard.
    2. Uncheck the anyone can register check box in General Settings’ Membership setting.
    3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

    oh thank you I just did that and deactivated the plugin. How and why would someone register for a blog and then hack it…or could they hack into it if they are only listed as a subscriber?

    Would it be prudent for me to care about these subscribers or not? I don’t really know why if I have a RSS someone would want to be registered?

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    Also, try to implements tips (if not all) of this guide:

    How and why? Because they can. And because they want to spam. They cannot hack into your account if they’re subscribers and you’re using the latest version of WordPress AND your site is secure (see t-p’s link).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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