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    Recently I received an email saying that
    New user registration on your site XXX
    User name XXX
    Email XXX
    But I never requested for a new user nor do I recognize the name or email. How do I verify that this person does not have access to my account? And how do I cancel this new user?

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  • What role is assigned to new users in Settings -> General?

    Subscriber what does that allow them to do?

    Nothing in the back end of WordPress. If you publish Private Posts or Pages, they will be able to view them via the front end of the site once they have logged in.

    Thank you!

    Going to revive this…I am just curious where people go about registering themselves when they visit the site? Is it an rss subscription? Can’t seem to find out where they would go about doing that. Their role is set to subscriber so there’s no problems with that I’m just wondering how they did it.


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    armst174 – This is resolved so please DO NOT revive it 😉

    People register for sites for additional access/functionality. RSS does not need an account.

    My Question is where are they doing that?

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    Because you left registration open. There is, presumably, some value otherwise you’d have turned it off 🙂

    We are not on the same page. I understand that registration is open, that is not a problem.

    What I don’t get is where people are registering. What are they clicking to be able to do that? I did not create the site, I inherited it per say. I have my own outside subscription box, and we have social media and RSS buttons as well. I was assuming this is a wordpress feature that I simply cannot find which is why I posted here.

    When I click “Follow Me: posts” on your page, it takes me to a RSS feed subscription as our RSS feed link does as well so I’m assuming that is not it.

    Basically, I’m asking if they are subscribing from some wordpress feature that I simply cannot find?

    If i wanted to subscribe to your page (assuming you had open registration) where would I go about doing that?

    Hopefully that clears up what I’m asking.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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