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  • I discovered WP just a month ago and have been having huge fun with it. Finally after years of photography and doing graphics I have a use for my images.. I am slowly learning to use style sheets and .php meanwhile am stuck with playing with the ones offered for use.
    For me the best way to learn is play and break things a few times and see what makes what happen.
    Anyway thanks for the ones that offer advice and themes to build on and thanks for WP too.

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  • No advice; just to say it’s beautiful! The only thing I personally would choose differently is the outside background color. I’d go with either black or a green. Good work!

    Thanks Kaat

    Pictures look great and the layout is nice but the site is very hard to read for us presbyopic old farts who happen to be partially colorblind.

    Pretty nice, AZjude! But as noted, the colorway is pretty hard on some folks. Here’s a link to check out what your site will do to people like Beel:

    So sorry my partially colorblind son never said a word but then he has been tolerating me now for 35 yrs and so I am not surprised. I too am an old fartess in my case. I notice most of the filters it was readable just not the monochrome black, gray and white ones. Have done 11 other themes so far so will change over to a different one soon. That was called gonefishing. Have switched to my desert theme. I will watch my bright greens on black from now on. Thanks for the input and advice



    Nice design. I would probably change the background too. You can find a nice complementary color by taking that blue background color and punching in the color code here:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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