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  • Create new blog, with new user and the email that goes to the user contains the wrong information.
    I added about 30 blogs/users (teacher websites) last week. Now I am inundated with emails that the information they received isn’t them. Upon inspection of the email they received from WP 3, the message is all mixed up and I do not see why/how this is happening.
    I create the sites with Site Address, Site Title and Admin email the same like:
    Site Address:
    Site Title: bprather-leming
    Admin Email:

    Here is the mail she received:
    > From: []
    > Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 8:33 AM
    > Subject: [bprather-leming] New User Registration
    > New user registration on your site bprather-leming:
    > Username: jmccoy
    > E-mail:

    Clues please?

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  • well, in your example – is their a user in the backend named jmccoy ?

    If the bprather-leming is listed as a Super Admin, then yes – by default she will get notifications of every new user or blog on the entire system.

    Each user is admin of their own blog. None are super admin except Admin and Helpdesk.
    Yes, there is a jmccoy user/blog.
    It appears they are also getting a second email with the correct information after the erroneous email.
    Be glad to give you access if that would help.

    Nah, I’ll just have to verify this on one of my own sites to see if it’s a bug or not.

    Is this a new install, or did you upgrade from MU?

    New install was 2.9.2 then upgraded to 3. Went live 7/1/10.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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