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  • Currently using MT, I’m considering WP for a new project.
    I’ve some specific requirements…
    I wantto use WP for a series of independent-and-associated blogs.
    As a non-tech marketer, I don’t pretend to understand the complexities.
    With a proposed commercial enterprise currently in initial strategy phase, here’s the outline structure and requirement.
    Info is published at a ‘main’ site.
    Through subdirectories, this site features mini-sites offering geographically localised content.
    A section of each site requires frequent ‘blog format’ updates – to be covered by WP.
    Can I do this with a single WP install and create individual ‘local’ blogs… with each having appropriate author permissions to cover the eventuality of responsibility for each ‘locale’ becoming spun-off under license.
    If done this way, does a ‘search’ then include all the blogs? And, if so, is there a workaround so’s to search just the appropriate blog?
    A search in []/us/sf should not reference info in []/uk/ba/ or any other directory.
    As an alternative, I’m guessing a ‘simple’ multiple WP install would keep them separate?
    Beyond this… there’s a requirement to be able to post ‘centralised info’ to individual ‘blogs’… ideally with a single post rather than doing it individually. This is a one-way main->local requirement – not both ways.
    Is this possible?
    Considering the thing could get reasonably large – example: 5 daily entries from 100 ‘local’ blogs – I’m concerned about performance with everything running off a single install/database.
    Would it be better to multiple install?
    With MT, I’d likely have potential/real problems with multiple blogs running from a single install/database are updated/rebuilt simultaneously – although as WP is dynamic this presumably shouldn’t arise.
    I guess my simple query is ‘What’s the best way to do this?’
    Help appreciated. Please and thanks.

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  • This is something I kinda asked for weeks ago too 🙁 The ability to cross post.

    So, would you, for example, have US posts that appear in all the US regions? What about world-wide posts?
    Or do you want to make posts that will span multiple regions?

    The ability to do a simple post on and have it sent to . Just like the the Livejournal hack. I know it doesn’t sound as elaborate as yours. I just scanned ur whole post.

    >So, would you, for example, have US posts that appear…
    On the San Francisco blog, there would be some entries related only to San
    Francisco, and some entries that were from an overall US blog, and some entries from an overall international blog.
    On the New York blog, there would be NY-specific entries, plus the US and international entries.
    On the Bath blog, there would be Bath entries, plus UK and international entries.
    The key to this is the ability to ‘point and shoot’ selectively target single and multiple blogs into which entries will be posted and have them fully ‘archived’ within each with an appropriate permalink.
    I’m flexible as to whether content is static (as MT) or dynamic and can see advantages/drawbacks with each.
    I’m already way out of my depth as regards tech understanding here, so if someone’s able to advise in exchange for payment, now’s an ideal time to speak up.

    I’m looking for the same info re: crossposting of entries to multiple blogs. Anyone out there able to help?

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