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  • first of all, what exactly is wordpress? i thought it’s a free website? i mean why does it deal about posts all the time? so my home page will consists mainly of posts? i’m used to html notepad pure coding. right now we have a project on making a retail store using wordpress. but how can i make a page that shows all my products like mobile phones? because pages are static. and i was planning to categorize them according to mobile brands. but isn’t it that pages dont have categories? should i just use posts to sell my products? i’m really confused :((

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  • Welcome to WordPress! WordPress is a free web software which you can install on your server to run and maintain a website. It’s called a “content management system” or CMS. WordPress can be used for pretty much any type of website – definitely not limited to “posts.” If you’d like to setup a really nice online store (eCommerce) there are some great premium themes here. With WordPress you’ll be able to setup a shopping cart, use paypal or some other payment system and organize your products better than you think!

    but how can i construct a “product gallery” page if all i can do in the wp-admin is write contents? i am planning to have a page to display all products thumbnails. upon clicking a thumbnail, another page will show up containing product info, specs, and add to cart icon. (i have cart plug in already)
    btw thanks for the reply 🙂

    You could create a page – “product gallery” – and insert thumbnails for all your items. Then you could link those pictures to the actual product’s page which has the information you listed.

    @cherrydee, you can do that by having a ecommerce wordpress theme. There a lot of free ones available. One such excellent theme i know is on woo themes. just check it out.

    WordPress is not just limited to post (i.e blogs) you can make any sort of website as you wish 😀

    so if i have the main product page, and i have this nokia N7 page, all i have to do is link the thumbnail to the page of nokia n7? but how can i know the URL of the nokia n7 page?

    @shail thanks for the reply. i’m googling one now 😀

    You can get the link of the page by opening up that page in your browser and copying the url.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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