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  • Hi, brand-new user here with what must be a most basic question. Searching the forum I’ve found similar problems, but none exactly the same. Here’s what happens:

    Using WP 1.5, I can change between Classic and Default themes in the presentation/themes window.

    I have located and downloaded a variety of new themes to play with, unzipped them locally and then uploaded them to my web site. I’ve done this following the instructions in the Codex, using Filezilla and also the file manager FTP in my website’s cPanel. I place the themes in wordpress/wp-content/themes, right alongside the Classic and Default theme folders. I seem them there using my file manager. But when I return to the presentation/themes window in which I can change the theme, I see only the original (that is, Classic and Default) theme folders.

    I get no error messages, I just can’t see the new themes, so I can’t select them.

    What basic step am I omitting or missing in order to add themes? New user (20 hours or so) impressed so far, but a bit frustrated. Thanks.

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  • did you make sure they were 1.5 themes ?

    discussion and location 1.5 themes

    IMHO – this is a WP glitch and it has been doing it since the first presentation managers were betaed. Copious closing down, logging in and out and refreshing (ctrl +F5) etc will normally clear it in the end but it can drive you nuts in the mean time. I am on FF 1.0. HTH.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Folders ?

    When you unzip some themes, you will see the theme name.
    If you open that folder and you see another folder again with the theme name, it will not show when you upload.
    When you open a theme folder, it MUST have the css in THAT folder.

    ^^ will not display

    ^^ will display

    That make sense ?

    Thanks for all your immediate help. I followed chuckblue’s suggestion and uploaded a new theme that I was *sure* was 1.5 (“green track”), and no luck; podz’s idea is one I’d already tried, as I had noticed that some downloaded themes had that architecture, and I had tried installing the folders both ways (that is, both with and without the ‘redundant’ folder), with no luck; Root’s comment gives me a bit of hope, though I have tried coming and going, refreshing, etc, with still no sign of any uploaded themes. I’ll keep trying and if I determine the cause, I’ll post it here. Thanks again, all.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thought – delete whichever theme you are not using.
    Now go see what’s in the presentation menu.
    If you still see the deleted one, there is folder confusion going on.

    Hmm, seems you are exactly right, podz, there IS folder confusion going on. I deleted the inactive theme and it continues to show up as an option in presentation menu. Moreover, I can select it and then view the page displayed in that theme. Where are these themes residing if not in wordpress/wp-content/themes ? Ideas?

    Thanks again to podz for the suggestion about folder confusion. Rooting around, I found no fewer than three folders named ‘wordpress’. Still not sure how or why that was, but I finally located the active WP install and can now see the newly uploaded themes.

    For others who might follow it is very easy to inadvertently upload the wordpress folder itself. It is not needed.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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