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  • Hello and thanks in advance.
    I just received an email that said that a new user had been added to my blog (

    I had new user registration turned off.
    Does this mean that I have been hacked into?

    I deleted the new user; and I changed my password.

    Can someone advise me what to do at this point?

    Thanks again … pressnewb

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  • You sure seem to have registration unallowed so I don’t know how they managed to do that. You haven’t done anything yourself in the admin surroundings? The new user was unlike anything you’d make yourself?

    Btw. What WP are you on? You seem to have a custom login page (or a VERY old one) and a suppressed generator?

    [edit] Tip: change your username while you’re working on security anyway.

    First, thanks a million for the fast reply. …
    It’s been a long time since I used my WordPress: I plan to return to it as soon as I’m finished some work, in the next few months.

    I’m using WordPress 1.5 — a dinosaur, not doubt!

    No, I have not done anything in the Admin world: I could not even recall my password to get into it.

    I’m not seeing how to change my username, but I will look around for that. Thanks again.

    1.5? That’s from before I was born!
    Anyway, I can imagine that it’s ‘hackable’, but it appears that you have no spamlinks or anything. Just look around a bit for ‘funny things’, but it seems that somebody has just been playing with you without having done anything serious. If that’s it, oh well, but if you intend to keep using the blog, at least upgrade to the legacy branch!

    Good advice: I will upgrade as soon as possible. … I’ll be looking for a good WordPress web host, but that’s a question for another thread.

    Just for my information (FMI), what could that person have done if he was a “New User” on my account?

    thanks again, Gangleri …


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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