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  • Take the basic steps that everyone should follow when you encounter a problem like this:

    • deactivate all your other plugins
    • switch to a ‘default’ theme e.g. 2015

    Does the problem still persist after you’ve done this?

    If not start building up from there switching back to your theme, activating plugins until you find where the clash is.

    Once you have more information, and if you can’t solve the problem, you’d be best to seek further advice in the BuddyPress support forum:

    Thanks for the advice Roger. I deactivated all my plugins and then reverted to the Twenty Fifteen theme. Still that same issue. I would revert back to an older version of BuddyPress, although our website is live and has had a great deal of activity that would be lost as we would also have to go back to an older version of our database. At this moment I am stuck to wait on BuddyPress to figure out the problems with the new code and fix things. I did see that there were bigs in the last two versions of BuddyPress and I did not update to those versions. I did update to this version as it appeared that the bugs were fixed. I guess that the other fixes created this new one which is a critical issue.

    The activation code in BuddyPress works. So, is likely a problem with your site configuration.

    Try going to your BuddyPress settings.. Then to the pages sub tab, and check that you have the pages set correctly for activate and register.

    Also check you have your site permalinks set to one of the pretty permalink options.

    I checked the activation page without the activation key and the page came up without a problem. I then manually entered the activation key text into the form and the new user (me) was added without a problem. Take a look at the BuddyPress code. It appears that the activation key is not being inserted in the proper place. This happened one time before with the BuddyPress code and this was fixed by the BP team. It appears that the invalid code may have shown back up.

    I took a look at the code for BP version 2.2.1. I believe that I have found the problem. The activation key that is sent from version 2.2.1 creates a link with “ The activation key with version 2.1.1 creates a link with As you can easily see, there is the missing function within the link that inputs the activation text into the activation form found on the activate page. Without the fuction code, the link directs someone to a page on the site that does not exist.

    Plugin Author Hugo Ashmore


    This matter is being handled over on BP trac:

    This thread ought to be considered as closed to avoid split discussions.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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