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  • So it’s not working….

    Activity ID: 5
    Activity Type: Manual Backup
    Settings: Downloaded

    Completion: Failed

    Backup Size: 0 B (0 files)
    Total Size: 0 B (0 files)

    Start Time: 19th Dec 2012 8.48.13 PM
    End Time: 19th Dec 2012 8.48.19 PM

    Time Type Event
    Time Type Event
    19th Dec 2012 8.48.18 PM Error The backup failed: A filesystem operation failed.
    19th Dec 2012 8.48.18 PM Error A filesystem operation failed while processing ‘Database/OBFW_Database.sql’ for backup.
    If the following error message is not clear as to the problem and the issue persists, please contact support providing the complete event log for the activity. Diagnostic information follows:

    Failed at: 314(C:\Domains\\wwwroot\app\webroot\blog\wp-content\plugins\wponlinebackup\include\tables.php)
    An error happened at: compressor_deflate.php(411)
    filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for C:\WINDOWS\Temp\obf25E.tmp
    19th Dec 2012 8.48.16 PM Information Initialisation completed.
    19th Dec 2012 8.48.16 PM Information Backup starting…

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  • Can you reproduce the problem?

    Does it happen occasionally or all of the time?

    How do you reproduce the problem?
    Hit backup for email and download

    For example, scheduled backup runs, you run a manual backup with the download option, etc.
    backup and email, schedule will run tonight and we will see

    Include with your post the Event Log for any activities you have a problem with. Click Activity Log and then click View Events next to the problematic activity.
    See previous post

    Plugin Author Online Backup



    Looks like some issue in the temp folder that is not specifically normal. We should try our own temp folder.

    When you login to your FTP access, do you have a “public_html” / “public” / “http” kind of folder where your website files go inside? That is, is your WordPress index.php inside a folder or is it directly in the root of FTP as soon as you login?

    Normally if you have it all in a folder you can use the FTP root as a private area and we can create a new temp folder there, and use that with the plugin instead of C:\WINDOWS\Temp. We can change the path by clicking General Settings, then editing the URL in browser address bar so at end instead of “&section=settings” we have “&section=advanced”. Then we tick the box next to gzip_tmp_dir and change the path. We can usually use the local_tmp_dir value to work out what the path is to your FTP root.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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