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  • I was just wondering if it was possible to use the new upload feature in 2.0 to upload to a different folder than “uploads”? I’d like to upload to an image folder or something. Otherwise I don’t see this being much use, unless I’m missing something.

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  • Why not just do what I did here:

    Works good in my WP Version 2.0. Hope this helps maybe.. =)


    Thanks. This looks a little too advanced for me, but maybe I’ll give it a try if I’m feeling adventurous.

    Ok, but it’s really not that hard. Works good in my WP Version 2.0. All you gotta do basically is reupload the options-misc.php file located in the wp-admin folder, from say the WP 2.0 Beta RC3 version or a previous version of say 1.5.2. Hope this helps maybe.. =)

    Open the wp-admin/options-misc.php file you have of whatever version you might have, delete all of it.
    (Do this from on the hard drive, or computer.)

    Click this link, select all, copy it.
    Paste it into the Version 2.0. or whatever version you have now, of the wp-admin/options-misc.php file. Save it, then reupload to the wp-admin directory.


    P.S. CHMOD the wp-content and any “upload” folder 777. Example folders to upload into: “uploads”, “images”,”pics” whatever you want, make them 777. And don’t forget to do that with the wp-content folder as well. =)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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