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  • Hi there,

    with v2 of WordPress, a new upload feature has been included to the ‘Write’ page.

    When I upload an image with that feature and add the iamge to a post, WordPress always adds the picture as a small preview thumbnail – I was unable to find a way to insert the image in its original size.

    Maybe I am missing something, but even the functions of an uploaded image’s context menu do not help – whatever settings I choose, WordPress always inserts thumbnails instead of the original image. Tried it with IE and FF – no difference.

    Also: it would be cool if the path of an uploaded image (or file) would be displayed in the new upload section.


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  • After uploading the image using the tool, I right click on the thumbnail and copy the image location. then click the insert image button. Paste in the url and then remove the text “thumbnail” from the URL. The full image then appears.
    I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this, but so far I haven’t found one yet.

    🙂 Cool – thanks. Yeah, will do it the same way now. The new tool is realy nice, but kind of unfinished in my eyes.

    Anyway – thanks for your help! Much appreciated.

    Hey just figured something out. If you click the thumbnail, you’re presented with some options in the form of a menu.
    One of those options is “Linked to…” if you click that until it says “Linked to image”, then “close options,” then the right click, copy image location will be the location of the original image.
    I haven’t messed with the other options yet, but that might be a time saver of sorts.

    Yep, tried that and it actually gives me the path to the image then. Thanks, that helps at least a bit ;).

    Actually I played around with those options before, but didn’t figure out how to get what I was looking for.


    i don’t get those options whatsoever…

    i agree that this feature isn’t well put together yet… the old version was much better…

    ^^ That options menu was coded in JavaScript – so, you need Javascript to be enabled. Otherwise the options menu will not appear.


    But yeah, that feature could be so nice … 😉


    Having the same problem, whatever option I use, with the clicking on the image I got the options, but nothing made it show in real size on my blog, just the tiny thumbnail!

    Hopefully somebody knows the answer to this one?!!!

    I’ve also had some disappointing results with this new feature. But one thing I noticed is that you can resize the image by dragging a corner. YOu can also edit the HTML to remove the size options, thus restoring the image to its uploaded size.

    I agree with Kahil, this new way is very, what’s the word, inefficient. The thing that I really hate about it is it defines the directory where to put the images, it creates a folder with the month and date and creates more confusion. Not to mention how confusing it is to upload the image and obtain the code and then press img and then enter it in.

    True, ian2 …

    With v1.5 of WP I was using the “Post Upload and Paste Plugin” (see:, and that was really working as such a plugin should. Easy and fast to use. Unfortunately it does not work with v2 of WP.

    Maybe there will be an update of the plugin soon …

    I was using a third party editor for all my blogs! On ver 2.0
    I can not upload images to wp-content folder like I could on
    version 1.5.

    How am I suppose to add images if I use my own editor? I’ve never
    used wp editor, and do not wish to as it is severly limited, even

    So how can i set up 2.0 so I’m able to upload images with my posts
    using a third party editor?

    If there is no way to do this, then 2.0 sucks! I manage many blogs
    from my third party editor.

    There must be a away to upload images with posts WITHOUT using the
    crappy 2.0 uploader?!

    Please help as I’m about to go back to ver 1.5


    Editing the html is not working for me as it only takes the width and not the height!
    So I’ll have to use the dragging it to the right size option by the nodes…
    Very very timeconsuming!

    version 2.0 works about as good as this support forum!

    That’s excellent!
    Considering the price and the voulontary basis of support it’s amazing.

    BudWiser: no need to be an ass. We’re volunteers, here on our own time. Want paid support? Go elsewhere.

    Anyway guys, just click on “Using Thumbnail” and it’ll switch to “Using Original”. That will insert the full image.

    However, it still appears to be adding the width and height of the thumbnail rather than the fullsize or whatnot.

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