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  • Read the dev blog.

    Backing up your database and files is recommended before ANY upgrade

    ==== The official method.====
    Upgrade just like any other upgrade:
    – delete
    /wp-includes (but NOT your languages folder!!)
    all wp-* files at root EXCEPT wp-config.php
    (Leave /wp-content and /wp-images alone.)

    – upload the replacements for what you have deleted (so don’t upload /wp-content or /wp-images)

    Use the link in the Dev blog to read the Codex page on upgrading.

    There is no need to run upgrade.php after doing this.

    ====The UNofficial method====
    Right now I don’t have the changelog, but a list of the changed files is below. If you do it this way, you are on your own as far as support is concerned.

    These can be downloaded from here:

    Before posting questions, please read all other posts in this thread and also the Codex page. It may well save you time.

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  • Thanks Podz – was just trying to get around the thunderstorm to post myself!

    And thanks to Westi/Peter J. Westwood for the version check plugin which notified me immediately that there WAS a new version!

    The changed files zip could be down for a few, I’m just verifying some things.

    Update–here you go:

    Thank you @podz. Went absolutely smooth!

    Nice, they’ve added a ‘Save and Continue Editing’ box to the page edit screen. As someone who habitually saves every sentence or so that’s a real godsend.

    And it is taking less time on the SAVE for the Write Post screen. Wow. Thanks for the improvements.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    For those who are curious, Owen (ringmaster) has posted a “plain english” list of changes in v1.5.2 here:

    Just updated my site, worked like a charm. Also wanted to give a thanks to those that worked up the updates. I feel they responded to this issue quite fast.

    Matt says ‘This is a very straight-forward upgrade, you just need to upload the new files over the old’

    Is that OK?


    @ely–follow the instructions in the first post, that’s what is meant by upload over new. Also, after backing up, it’s always best to delete the old files, THEN upload the new files. Overwriting isn’t always perfect.

    Yeah, depending on the FTP program they mostly just get uploaded over the top of the old files and very occasionally this can cause an error since the old one isn’t completely deleted. Deleting it and then uploading the new one freshly makes sure that there’s no risk of that happening.

    Some FTP programs like the one I use (Transmit) actually make deleting the original file part of the process of uploading a new one, but unless you know that it’s best to be safe.

    We’re already starting to get error reports around here that come from people NOT deleting the files FIRST before uploading the new.

    And DO NOT DELETE wp-config.php.

    Follow the instructions at the top of the page and your upgrade will take only a few minutes. Just don’t try any shortcuts or you will end up here and we’ll ask “did you delete the files before uploading”. 😉

    Updated last night, worked like a charm.
    Thanks 🙂

    I used the unofficial way… no problems at all. Thanks for the great work.

    same for me, thank you…i have an error on some pages, maybe somebody knows why…
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/12/d109339308/htdocs/philippe/wp-includes/template-functions-post.php on line 378
    it is on my blog
    if you go to the navbar at the following pages
    archive, links and photos (only)
    thank you in advance.

    Easy upgrade for me. Thanks for posting these threads each time there is an upgrade.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 94 total)
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