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  • Hello,

    thanks for those updates, but the new version just look completely different to the old version. I had all those words which appear bigger or smaller depending on the number of posts. Now: Just all-same-size words in squares. In the settings there is still “11px to 30px” as basic appearance and in advanced appearance there is the option for “capitalize”, what I used… now this does not work anymore. No capitalized words.

    I cannot switch to this “real cloud” again, where bigger words mean more posts. Nowhere. What have you done?

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  • I had to modify all css classes to get it work again. I don´t like those major changes, espacially in changing css classes. Never do that, it is pretty bad for every website owner…

    Have a nice day.

    The reason for changing it is that the classes did not match the regular WordPress tag cloud which made standard themes loose the tag cloud styling.

    I’m sorry if this change has caused problems for you.

    No problem, I do understand…

    I get a fatal error on line 70. Backtracking to 2.23. I’ll find out what’s up when I have more time.

    Line 70 in which file? What version of WP and PHP are you using?

    Karen, how do you backtrack to 2.23?

    I left a note Rickard on the support forum – the styling change is a HUGE issue for me and all of the client sites I have this on –

    The change took away the coloring options (which everyone loves) and now it looks like the WordPress tag cloud with those floating tabs (horrible).
    If anyone liked that look, I would just use the wordpress tag cloud. 🙁
    We loved yours BECAUSE of the flexibility of its appearance.

    At this point I just need to know what I can do to change it back on this client site, I cannot upgrade it on any other site that is using it if this is how it has to look.

    Please, is there somewhere that I can download 2.23 so I can fix the client site?

    If you go to the Plugin page you will see a tab “Developers” . it has all the previous versions.

    Thank you SO much. I never realized that was there ❤

    Rickard, Sorry it was an error in the Ultimate-tag-cloud-widget.php line 70. something about fatal error: require once. I can send you the screen shot if you would like.

    @karenratte Ok that line is trying to include another file with code, there might be something missing in your installation for some reason.

    Do you have the file ultimate-tag-cloud-widget/src/Config/RenderConfig.php?

    I would try reinstalling it from scratch, I’m using the plugin on my own site without problems and I can’t really figure out why one of the includes doesn’t work for you.



    I tried installing from scratch. no joy. The php file is there. The permissions are 644. Are there some database tables that I should be deleting perhaps?

    Plugin Author Rickard Andersson


    Well this plugin doesn’t have any database tables, it only uses the ones that WordPress provides.

    What kind of server are you hosting the site on?



    Apache VPS.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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