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  • After updating to site structure was broken. Had to rollback to version 3.4.2.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • where we can do rollback ?
    all my images also not shown

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    Just install the plugin WP-Rollback, and then on the plugins list click on “Rollback” below the “Litespeed Cache” title. Than set it on version 3.4.2, let it load, and reactivate the plugin. It will fix the look of your website. Good luck!

    thank you for your info, i was just rolled it back while waiting their action to this issue

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    To rollback, there is an easy way w/o installing additional plugin.

    Go to Toolbox -> Beta Test, in the input field, type the commit for any commit github link. You can find the link from

    For each release, usually the commit comment will be like [v] v3.4.2.

    e.g. For 3.4.2 the link is

    Use the link in Beta Test, submit, you will go back to that certain version.

    However, to debug why your site is broken, please follow the below steps:

    Turn off JS Combine/JS Defer and see if the console JS error is gone or not.

    The other solution, is add jquery.js and jquery.min.js to JS Excludes. Or debug JS to figure out which exact one to be excluded.

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    I can also be found in our slack @hai, or WP’s official slack @litespeed.

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    This update broke my site as well.

    1. I don’t understand how this could be a JS debugging issue? After scanning all of the latest support threads, it seems that everyone’s websites were working perfectly fine before updating to the latest version — v3.5.0.1.

    What happened from v3.4.2 to v3.5.0 and v3.5.0.1 that caused all of our previous settings to somehow need debugging now? This doesn’t make any sense to me and I would like an explanation.

    2. Also, @hai, I don’t actually believe your rollback method is the “easier” method at all; @orenlebbo’s recommendation was definitely the better suggestion of the two IMO.

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    Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this!

    We indeed see some issues that we’re working hard to resolve. The new version should have fixed these issues, or if you can perform the two steps:
    – Turn off all CSS/js/page optimization options
    – Purge the cache for the site

    Once again sorry for the issues caused! Let me know if the above helps!

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    @orenlebbo @wpjakarta @qeyduey

    Do you mind to give v3.5.1-rc3 a try? In this version, I added a backward compatibility option JS Combine External and Inline default to OFF, which will give the sites which have been optimized in v3.4.2 better compatibility. That is to say, hopefully you won’t see any page layout broken when upgrading from v3.4.2 to v3.5.x anymore.

    You can easily try it by LiteSpeed wp-admin menu Toolbox -> Beta Test, then type the latest commit link listed on . The v3.5.1-rc3 commit link is


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