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    Hi! New update causes a WordPress death error. Even when plugin is not active the death error is there. Only renaming folder through FTP helped us. Would you check please?

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    It seems to be related to EWWW plugin too.
    It says on line 107 of wp-content/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer-cloud/classes/class-eio-alt-webp.php there is Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Amazon_S3_And_CloudFront::get_provider()

    For now you can change:
    $s3_domain = $as3cf->get_provider()->get_url_domain( $s3_bucket, $s3_region, null, array(), true );

    $s3_domain = $as3cf->get_storage_provider()->get_url_domain( $s3_bucket, $s3_region, null, array(), true );

    Seems they renamed/removed a function and didn’t replace everywhere it was used.

    Same issue here, @nocaredev, so replacing the code allows the EWWw plugin to be re-activated without crashing admin dashboard, but all features of the plugin besides its basic mode are still giving fatal errors.

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    I can confirm the issue

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    I believe there is a new version of EWWW Image Optimizer that fixes the problem.

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