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  • At this point, the plugin author has given no indication if or when he plans to implement Universal Analytics in this plugin.

    I am tracking this as well.

    Would love this, as well as support for this:

    GA can now display interests/affinity/in-market data about web visitors

    This seems like an important update. I’ve sent a request to Joost via the support email. I hope he does make the changes!

    Unfortunately, this plugin has had no development to integrate any of the new capabilities added by Google Analytics over the last 18 months, most of which require updates to the JS code that goes on the webpage for tracking.

    And while people have been requesting those changes for over a year now, there’s been absolutely no indication from Yoast about any plans to update/upgrade this plugin. It’s possible he’s working on an update, but he’s certainly given no indication publicly.

    For this reason, you might want to seriously consider switching to Google Analyticator. (I have no affiliation, just a happy user who has switched most of clients.)

    Analyticator has been taken over by new developers (the guys from Video User Manuals) and is being actively developed. It handles Universal Analytics out of the box, as well as the Remarketing/Demographics customisations for the traditional GA.js. In addition, it fixes the serious security glitch in Analytics Authentication that allows a user to see all the accounts associated with the account that’s used for authentication – something this plugin still doesn’t address.

    I’m also betting that it will see a much more consistent development path as new capabilities come out for Universal, since for whatever reason, Yoast doesn’t seem to have any focus on this plugin anymore. This is great plugin. It just hasn’t kept up with the new capabilities for Google Analytics at all.

    There’s my $0.02


    @ncsulilwolf – just be aware… At this point in time, Universal Analytics does NOT support the collection of Demographic/Affinity data. If you want to use that, you have stay with the traditional ga.js for now.

    (Although enabling demographics in this plugin requires you install the most recent master from Github and add dc.js as a “local path to ga.js” since the current public plugin has a bug that breaks this implementation.)


    We did the same as thompsonpaul, switched away from Google Analytics for WordPress to Google Analyticator. There was no point waiting anymore although we liked this plugin.


    arcware was able to find a work around. Read it here

    Sounds like at this point our best bet to ensure full universal tracking goodness is to simply forgo a plugin and do it the good ol’ fashion way. Pop the GA JS into your website manually. However, I would like to see some response from Joost on this.

    Bushwacker … arcware’s solution was “simple” because you just change ga.js into dc.js.
    It’s still the same basic setup of the tracking code as before.
    But universal analytics’ tracking code looks totally different.

    I haven’t had the guts yet to change it 🙂

    For those of you wondering if this plugin will ever support Google Universal Tracking code, I just found this on Yoast’s website:

    hmm.. seeing all the info here, it’s certainly time to dump Yoast. Freemium plugins are not something to rely on.

    From the dnicholas link

    Update July 15th 2014: we’ve decided on another approach. A new version of Google Analytics for WordPress supporting Universal Analytics will be available end of september 2014.

    So…. if I’ve already upgraded to Universal Analytics, is this plugin currently no use to me?

    Still no reply from the author on this key issue. :-/

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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