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    Just thought I’d announce this here as well, but I’ve released my first WordPress plugin. It’s called Travelog, and basically is a central interface/database for keeping track of the places that you visit/post from. It allows you to enter locations (with addresses, coordinates, name, description, dates visited, category etc.) which are then stored in WordPress. You can quickly associate your posts with a location, and – using the template functions – have information about the location appear with the post. Travelog can provide direct links to online maps of your locations (using GoogleMaps, Mapquest or a few others) so your visitors can quickly and easily figure out where you are! You can even use Travelog’s inline tag to link text in your posts to a map of any location in your Travelog. The admin interface is flexible and allows you to quickly view/sort the locations in your Travelog, and edit any information about them. Further, you can choose to have a GoogleMap of the location embedded in the location editor, which you can use to preview the map of the area, and or even click on a point on the map and have the location coordinates set to that point.

    There’s still more stuff I’d like to add (much more interaction & embedding of GoogleMaps for all kinds of cool features, visitor-viewable list of where you’ve been etc.), and if you have any ideas of things you like to see added or modified, I’d love to hear about them.

    To download the plugin (or read more about it) go to the plugin homepage. Hope you like it!

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    Wow. Makes me wish I had a reason to use it! Hmmm. This is pretty complex…. maybe you could help out these folks:



    I’ll give this a go in the morning, but I was wondering… How well does this work for blogs which are both “everyday” blogs (such as what mine is currently:, where location information would not be appropriate, and travellogs (i.e. the USA trip category)?



    I am having problems downloading the plugin. It downloads a file that is not recognize by any program an I am unable to open it. Also the this site take a long time to strta the download. The other link to download has no download link. Any suggestions or other download resources?

    Jus a simple download link,

    Thanks for the great plugin.



    Click the 1.1 download link and then save as and you’ll have it.



    I have followed the instructions and have it installed with on minor issue. When to add the first location a browser error appears stating “Cannot open http://mysite/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php? page = travelog.php. Permissions are set and database table is established in mysql/wordpress
    Any help welcomed

    sounds very impressive but I never get to travel 🙁

    Hi everyone,

    Just “finished” v2.0 of Travelog. Now you can embed GoogleMaps into your posts and/or templates showing locations from your Travelog (with many customization options). The other major new feature is a Trip Tracker which allows you to enter trips into Travelog and add locations to it as stops. You can use the GoogleMap to show a map of your trip (with lines connecting the stops in order). There’s also a bunch of bug fixes and general improvements. Go to the plugin homepage at to download the new version and read more about the new features.

    I’ve also added another download link for those who are having problems – sorry about all the confusion. Hope it’s fixed now.

    As for your problem assyrian47, I think it has been fixed in v2.0 – there was a bug where Internet Explorer would not edit locations giving a “Failed to open page” error but it works now.

    Finally, I just want to say that I will try to check this forum regularly, but if you’ve got questions/comments you’re likely better off posting them on the thread about the plugin on my website at

    This looks great, but I want to start my WordPress experience with WordPress 2, and also the author says that this doesn’t work with Google Maps very well, and can’t update until about June 2006. Is there an alternative?

    Does anyone know where I can download a copy of travelog? Or even email me a copy. This is exactly something I would like to try out. I noticed the main site doesn’t seem to be up any more and I also see that the posts have aged so I hope this project hasn’t fallen dormant. Thanks!

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