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    We are using this plugin to send notifications to users involved in our topics. We set it so a certain role receives a message for all new topics and replies. Most of the time we receive multiple notifications and this morning was ridiculous with over 10 email messages sent to various people.

    What is causing these duplicates, I understand how WP CRON runs…but are we not setting a running flag to prevent this or is it something deeper / with the configuration?

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  • Plugin Author Vinny


    Hi @racosgrave,

    When bbpnns builds the list of recipients, it creates an array consisting of $user_id => $user_info, meaning that there will be a single message sent to each user.

    A few things to look at while troubleshooting are:

    1. Install WP Mail Log to see what is actually leaving the server
    2. Check to see if any other plugins could be sending messages
    3. As you’re using Roles, make sure you’ve also got the Override Subscriptions to Forums/Topics enabled to stop bbpress from sending out its own notification.
    4. Check the duplicate messages’ headers for the X-Built-By header with the bbpnns signature. If it’s not there, then it wasn’t bbpnns that sent the duplicates.
    5. If none of the above hit the mark, please send me the information in the Support Tab so I can analyze it.


    Thank you @usestrict

    I can confirm #3 that that setting is checked for both topics and replies

    Can confirm in #4 that that header is there (from the 2 random ones I picked)

    Just installed the WP Mail Log(ger) and will see what that shows when this happens again

    Proactively here is the info from the Support Tab:

    array(4) {
      ["BBPNNS Settings"]=>
      array(19) {
        string(40) "mySITE New Topic Posted '[topic-title]'"
        string(33) "mySITE Reply to Subscribed Topic"
        string(342) "
    Hello [recipient-first_name]!
    A new topic has been posted in the mySITE forums
    Click here to view the topic
        string(558) "
    Hello [recipient-first_name]!
    A reply has been posted to a topic you are subscribed to
    Click here to view the reply
    Click here to view the topic
    To unsubscribe from these emails please visit [topic-url] and click the 'Unsubscribe' button."
        array(1) {
          string(21) "SITE_forum_moderator"
        array(1) {
          string(21) "SITE_forum_moderator"
        string(4) "html"
      ["Active Plugins"]=>
      array(38) {
        string(6) "5.7.10"
        string(5) "4.1.1"
        string(5) "2.1.6"
        string(5) "0.3.1"
        string(5) "1.0.0"
        string(6) "2.5.14"
        string(5) "2.6.6"
        string(5) "1.0.8"
        string(3) "1.4"
        string(5) "1.6.1"
        string(5) "1.0.2"
        string(0) ""
        string(5) "1.0.3"
        string(5) "3.2.2"
        string(5) "1.3.8"
        string(3) "2.7"
        string(5) "2.0.2"
        string(5) "1.0.3"
        string(5) "0.3.7"
        string(5) "2.6.0"
        string(5) "1.3.1"
        string(7) ""
        string(5) "3.7.3"
        string(7) ""
        string(5) "0.3.2"
        string(5) "8.0.3"
        string(5) "1.5.5"
        string(5) "2.0.7"
        string(4) "4.49"
        string(5) "1.4.1"
        string(5) "1.5.4"
        string(6) "7.1.20"
        string(3) "9.5"
        string(7) ""
        string(5) "1.9.1"
        string(6) "1.86.2"
        string(5) "1.8.8"
        string(5) "0.0.1"
      ["Network Active Plugins"]=>
      ["Active Theme"]=>
      array(3) {
        ["Theme Name"]=>
        string(24) "Support Desk Child Theme"
        ["Theme Version"]=>
        string(5) "2.1.0"
        ["Theme URI"]=>

    Hello @usestrict

    I have confirmed via WP Mail Log that these emails are being sent > 1 time per user especially on replies

    Plugin Author Vinny


    Please create a temporary admin user for me using vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net so I can have a look at the logs.

    @usestrict I’m not going to be able to do that, I can upload some screenshots to a dropbox or something?

    Plugin Author Vinny


    For troubleshooting I’ll need the following:

    • A pair of duplicate emails in .eml format so I can analyze the headers
    • Confirmation that you don’t have users with overlapping email addresses (some plugins allow you to do that) – you can query your users table with select user_email, count(*) from <users table> having count(*) > 1. If something shows up, then that’s why you’re getting duplicates.
    • If you don’t have any duplicates in the item above, and I can’t find anything in the headers, then we’ll have to add debugging to the code to see the list of recipients it’s using. This is best done on a staging site and we can discuss that over email instead.


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