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  • Hey y’all!
    I finally migrated from using LiveJournal over to having WordPress on my own site, and I must say, I’m very happy with it!
    I’m still very much a CSS/PHP newbie, so I’m still trying to tweak my way around to get my journal looking just right.
    Anyway, the URL is
    Also, if anyone knows of a way to put in a link to add a comment, then the link to the number of comments (a la LiveJournal), any advice would be helpful. Thanks! ^^

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  • So dark…
    The design is nice, but not really my taste (which doesn’t really matter much since it’s not my site). I love the header image, though – but I would suggest making it a little smaller, or moving the text further to the left, ’cause on my screen (maximised FF 0.8 @ 1024×768), I can only read “Confessions of a Feline Dr” in the picture :S
    Also – you don’t validate, shame on you 😛
    (It’s the picture in your mood – you forgot to add an alt value and close the img tag with /> instead of just >).

    I assume you already have the comment part figured out as I can see from your blog. Good job!

    Validate?? Not sure I understand… explain?
    I agree about the header image. I’m going to fix that now. ^^
    Yeah, not everyone is into dark stuff… but I do appreciate the feedback!
    As far as the comments… yeah, I sort of have it figured out.

    If you click the “Valid XHTML” link in the menu on your site, it takes you to an XHTML validator, ie. a page that checks if you’ve followed the rules of XHTML properly, or if you’ve cheated here and there (or simply forgot to end tags, or misspelled a tag, anything that’s not stricly correct). This is a Good Thing© because when everything goes completely by the book, there’s a much higher chance that all browsers will be able to show the page, and show it correctly.
    One of the rules of XHTML (as opposed to normal HTML) is that all elements must be closed (ie. have a </element> to close it). This includes single-tag elements (ie. one that in HTML only consists of <element>, not <element>content</element>) as well, but to avoid too much cluttered code, an easy way to close these tags (for instance an <img src=”something”> tag) is to add an extra space and a /slash/ before the final >, ie. <img src=”something” />. When you put in the picture describing what mood you’re in, you didn’t do this, you used the older HTML method, which is invalid in XHTML. Also, in XHTML, an img tag needs to have an alt value (ie. <img src=”something” alt=”text that appears if the image doesn’t load” />) as well, and you didn’t give one of those either (same image).
    If you correct these two things and click on the ‘Valid XHTML’ link in your menu again, it should take you to the same validator, but this time tell you that, “This page is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional”.
    (Sorry if I sound condescending or anything like that, I don’t mean to – I just assume that you’re used to using HTML and don’t know much about XHTML)

    Oh, ok! Yes, I am used to using HTML… and I validated… so it’s all good. ^^

    Hehe… now you got the <img> tag fixed, but now you have some <br> tags that need fixing – even a simple <br> line break needs to be written
    to validate 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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