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  • Like the title says i am new to WP and i know basic coding and every client ive dealt with usually have all the coding on each page that i need to Optimize with content and what not.

    With the client im helping out at the moment it seems like whoever set it up has all the coding else where for each page including the Home Page which shows very little content when i find it through “Pages” when im going through the wp-admin but it has plenty of content when you are actually looking at it.

    And i found most of the content i needed from the “appearance” and clicking “Editor” but my question is how do i add a fancy link from the homepage to a different landing page.

    I probably need to give more detailed information for anyone to help me so i apologies for not knowing enough about WP to give more detailed information but if anyone has advice id be really thankful 🙂

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    Yes, a simple 5 or 6 line page template can generate a massive amount of data! To start out, it’s useful to know from which templates the content is coming from, yet it’s not always easy to determine that. Template Hierarchy may help.

    If you haven’t already heard, never modify any of the WP core files, your changes will be lost on the next update. All customization should be achieved either through a plugin and/or child theme. Where to add a link depends on the theme and where the link should appear. You might also consider using the theme’s menu structure to provide a link.

    Going from home page to landing page is rather unusual, it’s usually the other way around. This makes me think I may have misunderstood the question. If I have, my apologies. I’m seeing a styled static link on the home page somewhere that a user clicks on to go elsewhere. The actual destination isn’t really important in this scenario, it’s just an URL as the href attribute.. Is this correct?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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