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  • Hello all. I am new to WP and this will be my first attempt at creating a website. I have no prior experience so please tell me if you require more information.

    I am building a website to sell beats. I know nothing about code or plug ins or anything like that. I understand each “theme” has certain capabilities and customization options associated with it. My problem is I simply do not know what to look for and what I may need in the future. I do not mind spending $100 or so for a more professional theme with more options (am I understanding this correctly?). I have seen a select few themes specific to “beat sales”, but I was curious, is this the best way to go or would it be just as easy to modify a more general theme to fit my needs? I am scared of purchasing a limited theme and wasting my time and money. And I do not want to look like every other person who purchased that “theme” for the same purpose.

    I know I need the following:

    -Ability to customize fonts and backgrounds (upload pics, logos, etc)
    -e-commerce capable through paypal (i think I will use myflashstore)
    -ability to handle mp3 audio within a single player or multiple players
    -multiple pages for: blog, purchasing music, educational videos or docs, contact form, possible forum, etc (I guess this is where I need clarification on the level of modification I can achieve “per page” and I am sure it varies by theme)

    ** the much bigger section would be titled “Things I do Not Know I Need” … if you have any suggestions or know things I may need that a newbie like myself would not please chime in with your knowledge.

    My domain name was purchased through godaddy and I will most likely use hostgator to host the site.

    Any specific input or general direction pointing would be helpful. Thanks.


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  • You sound totally lost, and that’s understandable since you are new to all of this. But if you’re thinking about an e-commerce site, you should really consider hiring someone to set this up for you. The learning curve from scratch is going to be incredibly steep for you and you’ll spend more time troubleshooting and trying to customize than your time is probably worth.

    For really high-end professional themes, you might try Theme Forest, or Elegant Themes. There are some really nice ones on this WP website as well.

    Understand that some themes are more flexible out of the box than others, but that all themes can be edited/changed, some more easily than others. You can swap colors on everything, change background images or any other type of images, go from 2-column to 3, 4 or 5 column layouts, etc. It’s all possible, but again, you have to know what you’re doing or have a decent understanding of things.

    For e-commerce, you might consider WooCommerce.

    Thank you for the input waterworks. I understand this may be time consuming and frustrating working my way through it from scratch, however this is a skill I am determined to master. I have spare time at work to struggle and make mistakes as I slowly learn how to build a proper WP site. I know about computers just not websites. Do you think this is something I can teach myself using the web, forums, etc- given enough time?

    You mention that all sites are capable of customization, but does this require the knowledge of coding? If I understand you correctly, I could really take any theme out there that has a good base of options out of the box and modify the pages / columns / text to fit my sites purpose (assuming I can figure it out of course)?

    The Ecommerce part will be solved through a web service that uses paypal integration (myflashstore) and they claim it is easy to imbed and use with WP sites. I am really only selling audio tracks, no physical products. myflashstore automates the entire process. Am I in for a big surprise trying to implement this type of store?

    Where would you suggest I START learning how to put these things together besides just getting in there and doing it?

    ThatOneDudeTony, did you find a good theme? tell me if you need one – please note that these forums are not for advertising or selling anything. Also review the forum guidelines – in particular:

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