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  • Hi,

    I am in the process of switching from Blogger to WP. I can hack up a Blogger based template but am struggling w/ WP. With so many help sources available, I am looking for some recommendations of sites/forums where there is specific hack guidance. I have searched through hundreds of WP themes and cannot find one that I like, that is close enough to what I currently have. I’ve heard that Blogger templates can be limiting yet I’ve hacked mine up and have it just where I want it. I would like to do the same w/ a WP template but need some guidance. I downloaded one template that is similar to mine & cannot seem to change the colors, despite that I have changed the color code :O I cannot even get my header image to appear and I have spent time in some forums here but have yet to find specific instructions that I have been able to apply to the template. Unfortunately, the designer is non responsive. Any suggestions for hack help and theme sites?


    Alan A

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    How I Learned To Build WordPress Themes

    most modifications of an existing theme are simply a combination of files – for example
    header.php and style.css
    to mess with header colors nav bars or whatever. Same goes for sidebar.php and footer.php

    Thanks Samboll,

    I have been reading for days 🙂

    How would you feel about walking through a couple of things? I think that once I understand some basics that I am not getting form the Codex, I may be able to work alone. For example, I am simply trying to change the template colors & install my header and am unable. I did exactly as the designer suggested in his comment forum to change the nav bar color yet the color remains the same. And the header…that’s has me stummped. I do have experience customizing templates, I am just not used to WP. I would very much appreciate it if you could walk me through a couple of things. The theme that is closest to what I am currently using is Megatheme. Thanks!!


    ps- Thanks for the links to the other sites.


    pps- so sorry to keep posting but I have an unusual update. Today, I did exactly as I did last night in regards to the color change of the nav bar & the change took. ?????



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    You can’t use a Blogger template as a WordPress theme. You need to go through your theme and remove all references to Blogger and Blogger variables.

    Then I suggest that you validate your site. 891 errors is more than a clue that something is very wrong with your theme file(s).

    Finally, if you want to change text or background colours, try editing the CSS for your theme. It’s currently in your index.php template file.


    Hi…I do realize that I can’t use my Blogger template. I need to find a WP template that resembles it, however, Hence Megatheme.

    I am trying to alter it to look similar to my current blog template, that’s all.

    “Then I suggest that you validate your site. 891 errors is more than a clue that something is very wrong with your theme file(s).”

    I am not sure to what you are referring by this…what is an 891 error & why do you mention it? As far as the colors…see my above post. Once I refreshed the page a couple of times or viewed from another browser, I was able to see changes, strange I know.





    I am not sure to what you are referring by this…what is an 891 error

    if you follow the link above that was provided with the remark(s) you’ll see that 891 is how many errors your site is throwing off.

    Ok..not sure what that’s about but I you do know that my blog is presently hosted by Blogger? I am unfamiliar with that tool but did plug in some other highly visited Blogger blogs & they too have many errors…a lot more than me. I guess it’s a Blogger thing. I am trying to switch over to WP though, but 1st I need to get my template looking right 🙂


    So…can anyone walk me through some basic changes such as a new header image & a couple of other questions?



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    Thanks, Alan

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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