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    [Moderator Note: Topic title modified. When you start a new topic, use a good topic title. “New to WP and Stupid is not a good topic title – mainly because we all started out from there. ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

    Hi all, please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere but for the life of me I cannot seem to find the correct search string to find what im looking for.

    I think I may just be describing this wrong but ill try and explain clearly….

    I installed WP on my server and built my site by removing all pages that were there as examples and starting fresh, I now have EVERYT page on my site that is basically static content but I wanted a News page on my site which I can post to when I want but without accepting comments etc. (hope this makes sence so far)

    So basically rather than every page created being a blog allowing posts and comments, I just want 1 page for me as site admin to post any news updates to. I cant sem to work out how to do this.

    im using the customizr theme by the way if that helps.

    sorry if im just being and this is something really insignificant that im over looking but really appreciate any help.

    thanks all

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  • First, have you reviewed creating a static front page?

    Create two new pages – call one of them Home, and the other one Blog, or News. (There’s no need to add any content to these pages other than a title).

    Then go to Settings > Reading in the Dashboard. Click the option to have your Front Page display a Static Page. From the drop down menu, select the new Home page for the Front Page option, and select the new Blog/News page you created for the Posts Page option.

    Your website should now display the static home page (blank if you didn’t add any content to it yet). It also should show all your posts in the Blog/News page that you created.

    To get these pages to show up in the menu, click Appearance > Menus. Click create a new menu, then check off the pages you want to display in the menu from the left. Click the Add to Menu button, and you should be all set. You can also reorder them by dragging the pages around the Menu Structure section of that screen.

    Ive got a static front page which works exactly as I want it to, my site is here.

    All im looking to do is make the “News” Page found here my only “Blog” page, where I only can add news and updates.

    thank you

    Your site is not using a static front page.

    you are of course absolutely correct and I realised what I had typed in that post after I had typed it and so was expecting someone to point that out haha. as I said in my first post “stupid” regardless to that mistake, I still need to be able to make the News page a blog page to add site news and updates to but cant work out how this is achieved. thanks again

    Did you review the page at the link I posted above?

    I did but I still don’t understand what I need to do with my site as it is now to get a single page that I can add news to, it doesn’t need to be displayed anywhere else just on the news page .

    I’m using the same theme as you are – if you follow the steps I wrote above, you should get what you’re looking for.

    Also – to keep from possibly chasing our tails – do you have any posts written yet that you would expect to show up on the News page?

    Your site’s RSS feed doesn’t appear to have anything in it, so I’m wondering if that’s the issue…

    ive never used WP before and this is the first time ive tried to build a site with it.i have no idea how to do the rss feed and no I have no posts written yet as I have no where to write them.
    what I mean is, the general pages of the site are not for posting on or commenting on, just site content. I thought I could have just one page.. “NEWS” where I would access to write any news or updates for the site. does this make sense?

    When I follow the instructions in the above post, I lose my current front page (comes with Customizr) and still not able to find where I can add news updates to the News page.

    For the News page, in order for anything to show up there (news or updates for the site), you need to add “posts” that will show up on the News page.

    As for the RSS feed, there’s nothing you really need to do with it – I was only stating that it didn’t look like you had written anything that should show up on the News page yet.

    Since that seems to be the case, go to Posts > Add New in your Dashboard, and write some News updates. They should then appear on the News page.

    Ok, I went to posts> Add New in the dashboard but I still cant seem to keep the current front page if I do this, isn’t there a way to just allow posts to be shown on the news page? ive tried to follow the steps outlined in the link above but I just cant seem to get it to work how I need.


    With one exception I think you want your site to be set up in a similar fashion to my site. That exception being that I don’t use a slider on the front page or blog page.

    So, if that is the case, go to the screen to customize Customizer (

    On the left side click on “Front Page” – the settings should look like this:

    • Posts page – set to your News page
    • Front page displays – A static page
    • Front page – set to your Home page (also, by the looks of your site right now, this Home page does not need to have any content – we’ll get to formatting the rest later)
    • Set up the front page layout – No sidebars : full width layout
    • Slider Options – select the slider you wish to use on the front page if it isn’t already selected, and select the options for it (full width, delay between slides, etc.)
    • Featured Pages Options
      • Display home featured pages area – Enable
      • Show images – checked (yes)
      • Button text – Find out more ยป
      • Home featured page one – FREE Solar PV*
      • Home featured page two – Free Insulation
      • Home featured page three – Free Boilers
      • Featured text one – Established due to the ever increasing need for people to find ways to save money on their utility bills. With the ever increasing costs of energy, the rapidly depleting supplies of fuel…..
      • Featured text two – If your home was built after 1920 it is likely that your property has a cavity wall and Almost 25% of all properties in the UK do not have a wall cavity so require External insulation…
      • Featured text three – Boilers can account for up to 60% of your energy spend. A more efficient boiler, you can dramatically reduce your utility bill. With current funding, you may be entitled to receive an A-Rated boiler completely …

    Once this is set up, you should be able to start adding news and updates to your News page.

    It looks OK now – is this what you wanted?

    Thank you Oizuled,

    that seems to be what I am and have been looking to achieve however there is just one small issue, that im sure you can answer for me…

    On every page of my site at the very bottom above the footer is the options to Like and Share the page, BUT on the NEWS page there doesn’t seem to be this option, id like for people to be able to share individual news updates or like them but I cant find the option for this.

    Will the process you outlined above give me an RSS page for people to follow should they want to too??

    Thank you

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