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  • Hopefully some basic questions.

    I have now got WP installed, created pages, etc. I have downloaded a theme from Graph Press and so gradually building up my skills on WP and themes from books and this forum. Couple of questions before I go too far:

    When a theme is installed and activated does it mean you have to input all your pages and content information again? Effectively redo your web site every time you use a new theme? Or am I missing something simple and that wuth a flick of a switch all info is transfer to the new theme?

    Also how do you know a theme is using flash?

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  • Nope. You can simply activate a theme and all your content will stay exactly intact the way it was. If you don’t like the theme, you can switch back and nothing will be changed. My advice: do a lot of experimenting, make backups of your theme-map so you can go try anything you want, without risking that you screw up. Also, spend some time in the beginning to find a good base-theme, to build up from there. This is really important to get things right the way you want it. Preferably a very simple theme. So backup and play a lot, until you get there! Good luck.

    You might want to get an ‘under constructions’ page so that nobody will have acces to your blog (if it’s still in experimental mode), but you after login. We have the same on our blog. I can see all the content after i’m logged in, but you can’t :). Good luck !

    Thats great…just what I hoped for… just need to learn to do it now!

    Still stuggling and thinking that this is much harder than it looks. I thought I would not need to know about codes and stuff but I am not not so sure now.

    I have set up some pages and basic infomation in the WP Default Theme but it does not appear in the current activated F8 Lite theme from Graph Paper Press.

    So how do I ‘switch on’ the default theme info in the current theme?

    hm, your pages and any info should definitely all be there.

    what sort of info do you mean? like posts? or in widgets?

    for any detailed info on issues you may be having, a link to your site can help us

    I think I have got it now – its to do with activating widgets.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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