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  • Hello,
    I’m fairly new to WordPress, and in fact just finally “getting it” on CSS positioned design. This little site I set up for a local group is meant to look like a static site but enable them to edit from the back with their very limited HTML.
    This is, there is a little jiggle. If you go down the categories and the main page there is a a little pixel or two jiggle one way or another depending on which cat you are in. Pop in and out of a few and you will see it. This is only happening in Mozilla. I have tested in IE and myIE2.
    I began from a downloaded template, but I edited both the index file and the CSS pretty thoroughly. It’s possible there’s some Mozilla unfriendly code in there or something conflicting. I am trying to cut all the superflous code from the stylesheet as I learn more about CSS.
    Since this seems to be happening only on some pages and not on others, I felt it had to do with something entered on the posts. Perhaps some HTML in some of the posts are causing the jiggle?
    I would really love some help. Using WordPress for this was sort of an experiment, but I’d like to stick with it and continue to use it.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    In Firefox, it’s the Calendar page .. can’t see what’s different so far…

    Two ideas. One. The text align hacks in the body and rap do not match up. You have text align right in the body but margin auto in the rap. Two. Your #menu is contains errors. eg you only set 3 margins and use 0px;. What those errors might do I dont know. Why it only works in one cat I do not know except that cat does contain the css u tag. Only difference. You might comment it out test. We are stumped. Temporarily.

    Thanks for all that energy working on this!
    OK, removed the offending bad code in the body element and it repaired the problem. So, don’t know what it did either, but that relieved the pressure.
    As you say, it was only in the Calendar category (and on the main page, which makes sense because the Calendar post is printed in full there). So there is something amiss in that post. You say it’s the “css u tag” which I took to mean an underline tag? Nothing like that in there. Am I misreading you? Altho your sharp eye fixed my problem, still curious.
    On another subject…. I need to make just the headlines, first few words and a “read more” type thing, so I can place a certain number (3) of news items on the front page. I’m looking at the tags myself right now trying to figure out the right way to do this, but any pointers to the correct resource would be great.
    Thanks for the help. I love Word Press. Hopefully I can hang around and return the favors once I figure out what I’m doing.

    Well glad we got you fixed up in one stop. The u tag is at the end of that long mapquest url that goes on forever. It is u direction close u. What it does I do not know. I searched google for any reports it works erratically and found none.
    As to your next q. Use the more quicktag. Just put it in at the point in the post where you want to break. Alternatively if you want to hack search here for multiple more. Some guys are working on this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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