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  • Okay total noob that I am, it’s been ages since I fiddled with HTML/PHP and so far my head first leap has kinda turned everything I’ve edited into pure code drivel lol

    Just wondering how easy it is to customize a scheme to what you need, what files need editing etc… I’m actually really proud that I managed the MySquiggle stuff myself lol… will have a poke round myself later I just don’t want to be going into the wrong files and deleting things that are needed…

    To create themes will I need to copy original files first and add themes that way as completely new files, rather then overwriting the original…. 🙂

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  • Look at the themes you have with the original download (Default and Classic) and, eventually download some more to study how they are built.
    You can start making yours by saving a theme in a folder of its own in wp-content/themes/xxx directory… AND (important!) changing the theme’s name at top of the style.css. file.
    After that you can start playing around with template tags, templates, stylesheet.

    See more in the Codex in the Layout and Design section.
    Also, I have a “visual aid” how the templatye system works >> see it here

    Just looked and it’s CSS… I haven’t got a clue!!!!! lol

    All I want is that kinda colour scheme and the table things to be a little wider… also a custom banner 🙁 that I can change myself from time to time!!!

    Help!!! lol

    Forgot to ask if there was also a way to add some kind of background profile …. Authors notes or something… someone walking in on the blog could get confused… 😆

    Nobody was born with knowledge about CSS. We all learned it…

    I recommend investing in a CSS editor such as TopStyle Pro (there’s also a free version available, with some limitations that at least aren’t crippling) from BradSoft. It lets you see realtime changes to your stylesheet as you make them and that’s a great way to see exactly how your stylesheet declarations change the look of the design.

    Podz (a regular contributer here) has a testbed site that has been dubbed An Explosion in a Crayon Factory. But it’s a great study in piecing to gether the layout of the WordPress classic template and stylesheet. A good starting point for someone just getting their feet wet in CSS.

    I just found the editor in the admin section… I done a shoddy banner for my site… but I want to get rid of the text that goes over it, then I can do a proper banner….. 🙂

    Any idea where I find the place to remove the page title or do I just take it off in the admin part where it asks for the Blogs details?

    I suppose once you get to grips with it, it’s like everything else… just needs a little investigation and time put into learning it all 😀

    Two ways to do it (or maybe more…) besides what you just said:

    Thanks for that Moshu…. 🙂

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