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  • Hallo

    I always tended to use HTML + CSS to build my own sites whenever I wanted and kind of avoided all other CMS’s like WordPress!! Not sure why but guess I was a bit afraid it 😀

    Anyway … I use WordPress 3.4.2 and installed a theme called BroadWay
    It looks allright to be honest, however I am finding WordPress a bit “not easy” to start with … took me a bit of time to differ from Pages and Menu lol well yep!!

    Another thing is the BLOG template that makes me wonder what that is!?
    It lets me choose from – Default Template / Blog Template / Contact /

    Let’s say I got a MENU saying – Science
    now, when setting Science to “BLOG TEMPLATE” then, that page displays the blog of ALL THE REST of what has been posted.

    I mean, can I not control what stuff to be in that blog, eg. only news related to science or even to make it so it shows news from 2 or 3 categories.

    Not sure how that can be done!?

    Other thing that I do not know how to .. is
    when making a menu consisting of submenus, exmaple

    – Technology
    – Electronics

    I finally figured it out how to make submenus under Appearance – Menu but not knowing how to delete any HTTP under the SCIENCE button, but the rest of submenu to have links .

    Surely I got lots of other questions but hope to get them sorted out first 🙂 many thanks indeed

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Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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