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  1. webfunkdesigns
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi everyone,

    In the past, I have created custom websites from scratch writing XHTML & CSS code. But now I am finding more and more clients wanting to maintain and edit things on their website themselves - hence why I started investigating WordPress.

    The issue I'm having is...I design and create everything myself, I don't use templates and I don't want to. All I want to be able to do is code my sites like I normally would, but then take advantage of WordPress and indicate what parts of the site can be editable so the client can maintain it themselves.

    People have said to get a theme and modify to look like my design, but I'm having extreme difficulty understanding the background code. I am not familiar with PHP at all so it's all jiberish to me!

    My question is...how can I use my own design (no prebuilt theme) and then add the editable fields? Or do I simply HAVE TO pick a theme and modify it, and if so, do I need to learn PHP to do this??

    I'm so confused and I really need help...

    Thanks in advance,


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