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  • Hi!

    I am new to blogs and just tried to install a blog for my little website, but I don’t think it worked as it should have? I got this message after attempting installation.

    Install WordPress (3/3)
    1) File: /home/freechi1/public_html/ your whale story/wp-config.php [ERROR! ]
    2) File: /home/freechi1/public_html/ your whale story/data.sql [ERROR! ]

    Would there be anyone out there who can give me some REALLY first level instructions?
    hope so, from Annie

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    They don’t get much simpler than this: Installing WordPress « WordPress Codex.

    It looks like you’ve got it installed, anyway, looking at

    OH!? Why does it say {ERROR!} at the end of those file numbers?

    Um also, when I go to my web site, I can’t see any mention of a blog there? Why do you say it is installed?

    Nah songdogtech, the main site isn’t WordPress.

    So you’re trying to install WP to a folder on your domain called “blog”? ?

    Because a folder doesn’t exist called “blog”.

    Oh wait… I’m an idiot. It’s “blog your whale story”. Well — there’s no files in that folder so…


    did you find something for me? Can you see some dummy thing I did? lol
    Can u please tell me how to fix it?

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    I missed the “blog your whale story” too. No idea where it’s installed…..

    Well, where exactly is it you want WP installed? If it’s here: your whale story/

    then upload the files there and install :o)

    Although you really shouldn’t use a folder with spaces like that. Would be best to just use blog.

    Ok….I think I am just too stupid to do this lol. I have a website (of sorts) right.
    I have a home page and 6 tier 2 pages,
    I want to add a blog to the website so people can add stories and pictures.

    To do this I added a page called “blog your story” (which has nothing on it as yet)

    Then I went to the place in justhost where it says install wordpress.
    follow the info and got:

    Install WordPress (3/3)
    1) File: /home/freechi1/public_html/ your whale story/wp-config.php [ERROR! ]
    2) File: /home/freechi1/public_html/ your whale story/data.sql [ERROR! ]

    That is all I have done.

    I don’t have a dashboard (or if I do I don’t know where it is lol)
    I don’t see a blog on my site anywhere,

    refering to above
    1) File: etc

    what does the ERROR mean?
    Do you think I should remove it and start again?
    sorry, but I am a complete dummy with all this stuff,
    can you please spend a bit more time with me?

    Ah. You can’t install WP to a page… you install it to a folder. Unfortunately I’ve never used an auto installer so I don’t know how it works. I always manually install. Who’s your host? If I’m familiar with them I’d be happy to manually install it for you if you feel comfortable giving me the info I need to do so.

    OH WOW! you are the best!

    I use
    do you know that one?

    I just removed the installation!
    I hope I didn’t screw that up

    Ok Annie, why don’t we move this to email so no important info is made public. Email me here: thisisedie AT gmail DOT com.

    ok 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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