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    so i have a basic 2 column website which will be serving as my portfolio. i have a very clear navigational system that i want to work with and i need a little help executing it.

    as you can see, i have setup a navigation in my header page. i am trying to work out a way so when the user clicks on a link such as “projects”, a sub navigation of a list of my projects will load in the left column. of course, this will all be dynamic as i am planning to have each individual portfolio piece be a category.

    now as one clicks a link from the header, the sub navigation loads into the left column. from there, the user can click a certain link from the sub navigation and will load into the main content area (right column).

    i’ve been playing around with other themes but i can’t seem to find one that is on the same page as my idea. can anybody give me some tips?

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  • Take a look at Andreas01-12, which has a feature like you describe. You might be able to port that feature over to your theme.

    Thanks Haecceity!

    This is along the lines of something I want to do! However, I want to work with a sub navigation so this would work if it had another column. Basically, when you click on a page, I want it to load a subnavigation in another column so that the main navigation is ALWAYS visible and on the page. i’ll try looking around but thakns so much!

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t that exactly what this theme does? See, for example. Page One is selected and a list of subpages appears in a (fake) column on the right of the content area. Meanwhile the main menu is still visible on the left. How does that differ from what you’re saying you want?

    The link you sent in your last response was the brown 3 column banking website correct?

    So I took a look at Andreas01-12 and it’s very similar to what I want as it loads a “fake” column of subpages to the right of the content area. Now I just checked the last theme you linked, which was the banking 3 column website, and that’s the exact layout i want. I want the main nav to be on the left and when you click on a main link, it brings out a list of subpages in another fake column directly right of the main column. But yes, Andreas01-12 is what I’m looking to do but i just need to play around with the positioning.

    Ah, the link I posted was wrong — I think where you end up depends on cookies. But I’m glad you found something that suits you.

    The positioning is no problem with Andreas01-12. Look for <div id=”subpages”> — what’s in there, or the complete div, is what you need to move.

    thanks so much for the help haecceity! i’ve actually been messing with Andreas01-12 template all day and I’ve got a rough layout of it. Check it out right here

    Hey, good progress.

    I know you’re just at the draft stage and you may be way ahead of me with this, but it would be useful to have some visual cue that the subpages are related to a particular list item in the first column.

    You could have the same background color for both the subpages and the active link, or with a bit of css jiggery-pokery you could probably have an image of an arrow connecting the two lists, very crudely like what I have below.


    how about just using active states for each column? im thinking the orange color used will be the “active stage” color . i wanted to try avoiding using a header for the sub nav because having all the different font sizes might be hard for me to make it look visually appealing and align correctly with the main nav. thanks so much for the input and let me know if you have any other suggestions. very much appreciated

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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