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  • I apologize if I am in the wrong area. I am a newbie to WordPress. We currently have a website (for the past 3 years) the person who has been maintaining and changing and editing content is out of the country and unable to help.

    I have been given all the codes/pswds/usrn, etc. But I am having difficulting editing a Page. It is uneditable and need direction. If there is anyone willing and able to help advise me, PLEASE REPLY


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    There are hundreds of people willing to help but in able to do so, you need to articulate the problem.

    “page is uneditable” doesnt provide enough of anything.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. As I said I am New to WordPress. I just purchased wordpress for Dummies hoping to get a better understanding. As I mentioned before, this was setup by a friend who is not available to maintain it anymore and not accessible for assistance – I was able to obtain all the pswd/usrn for Network Solutions, GISOL, etc. but that is a little foreign to me.

    I have been editing and adding posts without any problems, but what I need to do is change information on certain pages; ex: our contact info. (address, phone), deleting and adding new downloadable forms. I also need to create pages. But, after logging in to the admin panel and going to dashboard/manage/page – it doesn’t let me edit anything (I am unable to edit pages.

    After reading about wordpress and doing what little maintenance I was doing I thought it would be a little easier. Please let me know if this information was any better. I appreciate your response.


    Sounds like you aren’t logging in with the ADMIN account if it’s not letting you edit anything. I find that hard to believe since you say you have been able to create posts. The only reason you wouldn’t be able to edit pages as well is that you don’t have the correct login rights.

    In the Dashboard, under Users, see what your Role is set to.

    The last email I had with the person previously maintaining was – “parts of the page that are not editable through the web interface, I have to login to the ftpserver w/ftp client, find the particular file (blah blah blah) open, edit and reupload. However, I just went to the ftp server and do not know where to find the actual file that I am looking for.

    I went to Dashboard/Users and under Name: Username (no editing) hmmmm

    Can I add a user under Authors/Users to acheive editing access?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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