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  • Hi everyone, I am new to WordPress and am looking for a bit of help. I am having two somewhat interrelated problems:
    Page: (a website for our B&B)

    1. I would like to add 4 photos to the sidebar, which show a description when you mouse over them in the sidebar, and which open in a lightbox when you click on them. I do not want a title to display over the top of the lightbox, but I am ok with text showing up below the photo inside the lightbox. I first created a page and inserted the gallery with the 4 photos, and then added the gallery link to the desired sidebar (in the text widget). This works and the images show up as thumbnails in the sidebar and in a lightbox when clicked, but I cannot get the labelling the way I would like it. (Sorry if this gets complicated) – in my photo Gallery, if I put text in the Alt Text field of a photo this text shows up as a title over the lightbox, which I don’t want. If I remove the text from Alt Text, a new title shows over the lightbox, this time pulled from the Title field, which I also don’t want. If I remove the text from both the Alt Text and Title fields, then the thumbnail in the sidebar loses the description when you mouse over it (even though there is text in the Description field), which I also don’t want. Help?

    2. Any changes I make to the text fields in my Gallery photos also make changes to these photos in my Media Library. So when I deleted the Title field in my Gallery photos (in an attempt to remove the title over the lightbox), the photos also lost their titles in the Media Library and show up as “(no title)”. Is there any way to disassociate the photos in the Gallery from the Media Library, or better yet stop lightbox from pulling and displaying Media Library information?

    Thank you to all!

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  • Have you contacted the theme developer for help with these questions?

    These forums don’t generally support commercial themes — as it’s part of what you paid for and because we don’t have access to them for use or testing.

    Thank you for the advice, I can contact Pexeto and ask them. So does this sound like a theme-related issue? Since my WP knowledge is quite limited, I thought my issue was related to my lack of understanding of WP rather than theme functionality. My reasoning is that I thought [Gallery], Media Library and Titles are all core features of WP, and therefore thought it a bit unfair to ask the developer for general WP help. Cheers!

    There’s often some grey area, but if those are features included in your theme, then it’s generally a theme-specific question. If they are plug-ins you’ve added, that may fall into plug-in territory, in which case you should post in the plug-in forum.

    But for the most part, if you pay for a theme, the developer should be providing support for anything to do with how the theme works — even if it’s core WP.

    Hi Plippers,
    did you manage to contact pexeto for your issue?
    I use the same theme and just open a ticket there for the same problem. I did some search on theirs forums but couldnt found any answer or even your question in case you did it.

    Please let me know as it would help me a lot as well!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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