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  1. Seaborn
    Posted 9 years ago #

    so Im pretty familiar with html but know nearly nothing about php and just today started wordpress. I am trying to put together a site and im having problems with my sidebar width. I have edited the main index and the sidebar code, setting the width for the div to 175. For some reason its coming out much much bigger.


    I am in the very very early stages of editing but I just want to start off with a rough template. can anyone help?

  2. vavroom
    Posted 9 years ago #

    a very brief look shows me that you aren't actually specifying the unit. YOu have:
    <div id="sidebar" width="175">

    which may cause problems. Try:
    <div id="sidebar" width="175px">`

    And make sure to specify the unit for all dimmension declarations (except when it's 0). This might help quite a bit.

    FWIW, in Firefox, it looks like your sidebar is indeed 175px wide.

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