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  • I think we need a link to your site 🙂

    so austere!

    it’s in the profile…

    I think it’s sad that Sadish’s theme is being ripped off by that flower site.

    The black text on that graphic is just not working for me.

    THAT’S where I recognized that theme!
    I didn’t remember whose it was, but knew that it was just a butchered version of another.

    Nevermind that there’s not an original post of the site owner to be seen as of yet.


    Another splog. Whoopiteedoo.

    The content is actually quite interesting, but for goodness sake get rid of that header graphic. Talk about irrelevant! 😉

    The content is “borrowed” from elsewhere. Many of those places have copyright notices on their sites, and only one has a CC license, but states that the work cannot be used for commercial purposes. Selling things with an affiliate link IS a commercial purpose.

    This is a splog. End of story. And deserves no positive attention.

    what is a splog? Spam log?

    Eeeeeew. Thanks for the explanation ladydelaluna – I’d never heard of splogs before. I even had to google it! Ah well, live and learn eh?

    close, splanters – spam blog. using a blog format to rip off others content in a vain attempt to get higher search engine rankings for a certain phrase or keyword, so that you can use affiliate links or whatever to sell stuff.

    Thanks ladydelaluna.. I meant to say spam blog.. ah well, people will never learn

    It is a shame, but..what can ya do, except for maybe… deleting this thread lol! =P

    +1 for removing the thread.. 😉 =)


    Don’t mind me, I’ve been up all night again..





    i would be interested in seeing an example of where this stolen content originated from. Ive googled several phrases and turned up nothing.

    Not that I dont believe you lady, but i think thats only fair given the accusation.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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